This week the Teen and YA categories appear to have been taken over by Romance, Magical Academy Books, Literary Novels, and Non-Fiction. There is some overlapping between some of the books in the first two categories, but the latter two are fairly distinct from each other and the majority of the works on display.

Romance is always fairy popular in this category, but this week there is as stronger focus on several niches than has been seen before. These niches are the High School Romance and Bully Romances in particular. Obviously, this is also popular in the Magical Academy niche, but I’ll come to that later. The High School Romance has risen in popularity this week and the readership has foregone other romance types almost entirely to focus on it instead. As well as Bully Romances the Reverse Harem trope is also popular, as are various Dark Romance tropes. There also seems to be a distinct interest in using mask and masquerade themes in the cover art, which is an interesting trend since it not one comes to mind when thinking of High School in real life.

Magical Academies are very popular this week, with several long standing series filling the chart. Reverse Harems and Bully Romances are also popular here, though there is more focus on Love Triangles and non-romantic plot points. Most of these books mix Magical Realism and Fantasy elements into Contemporary Romance. There is usually a romance featured heavily in the plot, and it may change or develop as the series progresses, but they tend to be more on the Slow Burn time scale than Romances, which want all the plot to happen in a single novel. 

Literary Novels are also proving quite popular this week. For example, The Color Purple, by Alice Walker is doing exceptionally well. This is a book about a courageous young woman who lives the best and happiest life she can, despite the issues stacked against her. It has inspired movies and musicals, and it is not hard to see why it is still popular today. It is also a clear indicator of what readers are interested in, since there are various trends which are important for this novel, which are continued elsewhere. A female protagonist resisting the world that wants to smother her in it’s rules, is one such trend that pops up again and again. Even, funnily enough, also in the Magical Academy books, so clearly this is a go to plot point and theme for people wanting to write a popular book. 

Finally, the Non-Fiction that is popular this week is pretty varied. There are several memoirs and biographies which are doing well, a lot of them actually mimic the trend written about in the above section. But there are also recipe books and books about engineering which are doing well. Some of this may be because students are moving to their new homes and many may be looking up books to explain things that they have found themselves confused over. As such this may simply be a seasonal change, much like how there tends to be a lot more gardening books sold early on in the year when people still imagine that they will be doing that work.

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