This week Dystopian and Apocalyptic Fiction is definitely the most popular niche on the Science Fiction market. There is a truly impressive number of books and different trends within it, but it is not entirely alone. There are also plenty of books set in space, whether they are Science Fiction Romance or Space Opera or Military Science Fiction. Plus, lots of LitRPG and GameLit books.

Margaret Atwood is the star of the show this week, with both her The Handmaid’s Tale, and its sequel The Testaments, taking pride of place at the top of the charts. Now, these books are a prime example of Dystopian and Apocalyptic fiction and are understandably taking the lead in this niche. But there are other books here as well, enough to see that it is not a narrow niche, but one with a lot of varied trends. There are the host of books in the, “Travelling across America in the End Times” niche, in which people must survive against the horrors of zombies, nuclear radiation, and other people. There are also lots of books featuring small societies where people are doing their best to rebuild civilisation. Also, there is a clear interest in books where people are searching out something that they believe to be the solution to their current difficulties, whether that is a zombie cure, or something else. The end of the world has come in a variety of ways in these books, the aforementioned zombies and nuclear war, and of course the fertility issues that are a particular issue in the Atwood universe. But there are as many different causes as there are books, so if you’re thinking about what to write for this niche, you can be as varied as you like.

Science Fiction Romance is following several main trends this week. The most obvious is the Alpha Male trend, since the majority of the heroes are Macho Warrior types with a lot of physical and political power, often explicitly over the young human woman they are paired up with in the narrative. The relationships are nearly all Alien Man/Human Woman, and generally the aliens are far in advance of the human society. In fact, often the aliens have invaded Earth or they have made a deal with Earth to take women from the planet. Ether way, there tends to be a lot of Abduction and Fated Mates narratives.

LitRpG and GameLit books are popular this week, and I’m happy to see that there is a widening of the focus as well. There are a lot of books where the LitRPG elements are a very Fantasy based storyline, and ones where there is a lot based around exploring and founding new worlds. There is also a growing interest in martial arts and Wuxia style stories, which is very interesting to see and which may be a way of getting more people into the genre.

Finally, there are a lot of books that belong to the Military Science Fiction or Space Opera niches. Things seem to be drifting away from the exploratory science fiction story and going more intensively into the military side of things this week.

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