This week in Non-Fiction, readers seem to be really focused in about seven niches. Science and Technology, American Travel, Money and Economics, Second World War History, Memoirs, True Crime, and Self Help. This really is quite a varied number of niches for readers to be so focused on, but they are very distinct from one another and clearly catching people’s attention.

First, Science and Technology. Most of the books in this niche are leaning more towards the popular and humorous side of things, rather than the academic side. They are also more focused on current science and tech, rather than history which has previously been the focus of this niche.

Secondly, American Travel. These tend to be written for the American traveller who is looking for advice on a Staycation. They are mostly books on the less well travelled areas of America, with advice on what to see and where to go.

Third, Money and Economics. This is a very varied grouping, some of it is the usual Self Help books telling people how to make a million, or at the very least how to budget and plan for retirement. However, there are also some books which are memoirs of wealthy people, giving advice and explaining how they have managed to make the money that has propelled them into the public’s notice. There are also some expose books which have been written to tell the “real story” about someone and the life they lived. For example, Tom Wright and Bradley Hope’s, Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World.

Fourth, Second World War History. This week the books are split between focusing on the battle stories and the tales of those living civilian lives. In particular, the books about civilian life are more focused on the Concentration Camps and the stories that came from there.

Memoirs are a popular read this week, with the majority of the focus shining on the extremely wealthy and the politically famous. Many of these people are, of course, both of those things. These tend to be the sort of books people do that are designed to bring out their fans, rather than make new ones. Occasionally, if the person is scandalous or notorious enough, then someone who isn’t a fan may read their memoir to find out what exactly is going on. However, generally memoirs from politicians and the massively wealthy are mad in the knowledge that there is already a market there.

The selection of True Crime books is quite varied, some of it is economic crime and is actually in both these sections, but the majority of it is violent crime and in its own category. The books there this week are primarily stories of how violent serial killers and mass murderers were caught. 

Finally, Self Help. There are a surprising number of books that would normally be recipe books, but which are so targeted in there focus that they are more realistically under this category.They promise that they can fix something, make you healthier, or prevent you ever becoming sick. There is not a great deal of evidence behind their promises. There are also a lot of books which say that they can help make you a more persuasive or charming person, some which promise to make you smarter or better at your job. And of course, there are a lot of books which are also in the Money and Economics category and in this one, since that is a major niche.

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