This week there appears to be a rise in the interest of readers in Science Fiction. The Fiction Best Seller’s chart usually has one, maybe two, books from this genre on it at a time, but there are quite a few more this week. As well as Science Fiction, Romance and Historical Novels appear to be doing very well, as does Women’s Fiction and Mystery, Suspense and Thriller.

Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, has routinely been the Science Fiction story that has stuck it out on the chart, but now it is being joined with several others. Including, the new sequel, The Testaments. Now, aside from everything else, you may have heard that this book is getting shipped well before the embargo is up, at least by a certain company who is very well known. This has helped to make the attention on it even brighter, perhaps helping it to rise even further up the chart. As well as the Atwood novels, there is also a new Stephen King novel coming out soon, The Institute, which is apparently Psychic Suspense. Which leads us to the next category on the chart.

Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense is probably the most popular niche this week. A thriller by Patricia Cornwell, Quantum, is sitting snugly at the top of the charts despite not coming out until October. This book features a lot of the more adventurous Thriller ropes, a protagonist who is close to the plot, a missing family member, a realisation that what once seemed to be a smaller issue is actually one of national importance, it has the lot. Elsewhere, the books are generally less high octane, there’s fewer links to NASA, for example. But the same elements pop up again, and again, readers do seem to be looking for books with a more dramatic mystery, rather than a cozy one this week. And, there are a surprising number of non-professional detectives getting thrown in at the deep end with family members going missing. Also, there seems to be a lot of interest in covers with a blue toned back ground and yellow writing in this genre.

Elsewhere, Romance is taking up a lot of the space on the chart this week, with Fake Relationships in particular proving very popular. Also, Bully Romances, Sports Romances, Second Chances, and Small Town Romances are seeming to grow in popularity. Employer/Employee Romances, and Mafia Romances, in particular ones with a lot of Dark Romance elements, seem to be catching a lot of readers’ attentions. Most of the Romance on the chart appears to be Contemporary Romance of some form, there isn’t much Historical or Paranormal to be seen.

Historical Novels are doing quite well, there seems to be a particular interest in reading about horrifying events in human history from the view pint of an ordinary person caught up in it. This could be a war, or in the case of Geraldine Brooks’, The Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague, disease.

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