What a week! There have been quite a few new trends that I haven’t seen before, or at least haven’t seen often. Hopefully this will mean that things should get a lot more varied in the best selling charts from now on, because I don’t mind telling you, there’s only so many ways you can repeat yourself before you end up getting annoyed with your OWN writing.

Fiction has stayed much the same as it has been up until now, though it has actually focused more on three niches instead of widening. Romance is one of them, and within it Contemporary Romance especially. Millionaires, Billionaires, Bullies, and Sports Stars, they are all proving especially popular this week. There is also an interest in Romance featuring Magical Realism elements, which is quite funny considering these too tend to be set in the modern world. Not the same world we live in, but then, the Romance books don’t feel like it either sometimes. And, just to draw a contrast with everything written here, History is also doing well. World War 2 set historical novels especially. A lot f these books also have a mystery element threaded into the plot. Which leads us to the third genre doing especially well this week, Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense novels. Unlike the historical ones, these are generally set in the US, the UK, or occasionally Canada. The Historical ones are more commonly set in Europe. The readers this week are definitely split between wanting books where the protagonist is a skilled detective on the hunt for the murderer, or where they are someone with an intimate tie to the case. There are several that manage to include both, which likely means they get readers with both preferences.

In Non-Fiction there are some new trends showing up. The first is the interest readers appear to have in books about Animals, the Environment, and Ecology. There is a mix between the humorous, biographical side, and books which are more academic. Next up, the readers seem particularly interested in Military History, sometimes the History part does not have to be very old, and the books are more along the lines of political biographies. A new niche that is growing in popularity, is that of travelogues and memoirs written by women. These are not always books telling other people how to travel the best way, but are often inspirational books to allow people to live vicariously through the text. The Self Help books are pretty varied, a lot of them appear to be promising fool proof solutions to work issues and self confidence issues, but minimalism and diet are also covered extensively.

In Science Fiction, there isn’t much change from previous weeks. The main four niches that interest readers are still, Apocalyptic/Dystopian Fiction, Military/Space Science Fiction, LitRPG, otherwise known as GameLit, and Science Fiction Romance. A surprising number of the books which are not primarily Dystopia or Apocalypse based actually reference or mention something along these lines, Earth, it seems is not doing well in a lot of these stories, hence why many of the people escape to the stars or Video Game worlds.

The books on the Fantasy chart this week are even less varied, mostly they fall under Magical Academies, Paranormal Romance, or once more, LitRPG and GameLit novels. Aside from these three niches, there is a small selection of other books. These tend to be women led fiction, both writers and protagonists, and feature a lot of magic in both the plot and the world building. In fact, Magic seems to be very popular in general this week. It is a major part of the Paranormal Romance books on display and the LitRPG books. The settings available are also interesting, this week, because while the Faux Medieval style of Fantasy is still in the majority, there is also a lot of ongoing interest in Contemporary settings, and the Renaissance, and the Victorian era.

American History is by far the most popular on the History chart this week. It covers most of the main niches that have gained attention, such as Cowboy novels, Native American History books, and Military History books. A few books are also focused on Europe, but in very focused ways, such as  a single city or narrow time period. There is, as always, interest in the Second World War, and it is more focused on the Military side of it than it has been in previous weeks. And, Women’s History is also proving quite popular, though the majority of the women written about are Royalty or the victims of historical tragedies, so it’s not too varied.

The differences in the books on the Romance chart this week seem to be surprisingly setting focused. There are three main settings available, and the character and plot tropes that change from setting to setting tend to be pretty distinct. The settings are, Cities, where millionaires and billionaires are most popular, Small Towns, where there is a lot of interest in Second Chance and High School Romances, and finally, the Cowboy and Rancher novels which are set on the plains. These books tend to feature a lot of Alpha Male tropes and people overcoming their differences and weaknesses are a major plot point.

But moving back in time, to Historical Romance, there are some interesting niches and trends that are popping up here. While Regency, Cowboy, and Highlander Romances are still the go to for many people, there is a growing interest in Medieval settings. Plus, a surprising number of books where time travel is a major plot point, despite nothing else in the setting leaning towards Science Fiction or Fantasy.

Paranormal Romance and Science Fiction Romance are more or less how they have been before, though Paranormal Romance has had a bit of a boost to the humorous stories doing well. Meanwhile, in Science Fiction Romance there is a new trend of Mail Order Brides leaving Earth and going off into space. Aside from that there isn’t a massive amount of news from that front.

And so, at just over 1000 words ends this week’s Round Up. I hope you have found it interesting and leave a comment if there is anything you would like me to do differently next week.

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