This week in Science Fiction Romance there appears to be a real interest in Alien/Human romances, particularly those that have the Alpha Male tropes as well as various other trends and tropes. These make up the majority of the books on the chart, in fact, along with books that are perhaps more along the lines of Science Fiction with Romance in it, than Science Fiction Romance.

Apocalypses and Dystopias are, as nearly always, incredibly popular. Interestingly, there are very few true Romances with this as a backdrop, usually the romance is only a very small part of the story. There is definitely some room there for anyone who wants to write some romance in a setting like this. Mostly the apocalypses are human in cause, from nuclear winters, to EMPs knocking out all of electronic tech in the world. There are also some that sit outside humanity’s blame, such as aliens, or asteroids, but these are not as common. Or, in the case of the alien ones, they end up drifting back into the Alien/Human romance niche.

In the Alien/Human niche there are lots of different trends and ropes on display. The only ones that seem to stick between all of the different books are Alpha Male and Warrior Male, as the Alien male is nine times out of ten from a violent war obsessed society. There are frequently Fated Mate tropes, where the written in the stars idea is slightly more accurate than is normal. Plus lots of pregnancy and fertility based stories, since that is a major tent post of this niche. Omegaverse comes along with this, of course, and there are also lots of Reverse Harems and Menage stories. Abduction and Auction stories are also popular, as are most in the Marriage of Convenience area of the map.

One niche that is clearly do very well this week, is Mail Order Brides. These stories usually feature a young human woman who feels like she has no future on Earth and so looks to the stars for a better one. The heroes are usually aliens, typically of the Warrior/Alpha Male style, and often their species has faced some horrific event which has killed huge swathes of their women, or made them infertile. Hence, the reason why they are turning to human women. These stories don’t generally fall into the Love at First Sight trope, but there is usually some Lust at First Sight, at the very least. These stories sometimes feature Reverse Harems, but are more common with one male character.

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