The Paranormal Romance chart is still somewhat taken over by the presence of Magical Academy books, about a third of the books on the chart belong to this genre. However, this is less than it has been in previous weeks, so perhaps it is a sign that the trend is not as popular as it once was. Even if this is not the case it is nice to see a bit more variety, if for no other reason than it is tricky to write a weekly post on Paranormal Romance when 90% of the chart is all given over to one genre.

There has been a slight bump in humorous Paranormal Romance this week, it is very noticeable on the chart thanks to the different styles in cover art and in titles. The books in this niche tend to have a much less dark art scheme, with a larger variety of colours, many of them on the pastel side. The titles are also quite different, as they tend to be jokes, or puns. The plots can sometimes be surprisingly similar to those of their grimmer cousins, however the tone is always very different. The general formula of Paranormal Romance is not disrupted in these books, there is still a strong young woman, usually quite lonely, who finds out about some magic catastrophe waiting in the wings. Along the way she will usually find at least one man that catches her fancy, sometimes more than one, this is after all a genre that likes its Love Triangles and Reverse Harems. But the story tends to dwell on the silly moments, things do not always work out, but rather than grisly injuries there is more likely to be a slapstick repercussion.

Shape Shifter Romance is also doing pretty well this week, there is a surprising amount of variety in the number of creatures that people are able to change into. The types that never disappear are wolves and bears, but in addition to these, there are also dragons, alligators, and griffins to say the least. These books tend to have the Fated Mate and Abduction story lines, but there are also Single Dad tropes, Enemies to Lovers, and Friends to Lovers. Alpha Male tropes are also common, and this includes Omegaverse elements, as well.

There are also a great deal of Fae stories this week, in these books the Fae are rarely the only magical creatures around, and often there are also demons, angels and hosts of shape shifters and other creatures. This is quite interesting, as often in books without Fae characters there is only one or perhaps two (so they can fight against each other in a millennia old war) types of paranormal being. However, the presence of Fae characters tends to announce that the world is more varied.

There are also several books from the Science Fiction Romance genre showing up in the chart. These may merely be tagged incorrectly, but nonetheless, it is funny to see dinosaurs and aliens appearing on the same list as werewolves and witches. There may also be a plan with this, in that people are hoping to get a more varied set of eyes on their books, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a plot.

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