There are a lot of very popular trends in the best selling Romance books this week, and just as many popular niches to find them in too.

First off, there is a clear preference this week for books set in a contemporary American setting. They seem to be split pretty evenly between city settings, small town settings, and the ranches and mountain homes of cowboys and mountain men, both of whom are popular.

Cities are seen as the home of Billionaires, Millionaires and Mafia bosses. These are all popular tropes this week, as are Dark Romance, BDSM, Employer/Employee Relationships and Relationships of Convenience. Also popular this week are Enemies to Lovers romance and Second Chance romance. Accidental Marriage stories and Sports Romances are also quite popular this week. There are also surprising amounts of books which are truly Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense, novels, but have a strong romantic subplot and have thus managed to sneak onto the chart.

Alpha Males seem to be popular in general, however there seems to be a lot less Omegaverse and Shape Shifter romances on the chart this week. As such the Alpha Males catching readers’ eyes seem to be mostly human. Again, one of the few Shape Shifter romances on the chart features an alligator shape shifter, rather than one of the more familiar creatures. This suggests people are looking for more original content and odd stories.

In books set in Small Towns there seems to be a lot of interest in High School Romances, or, once again, Second Chance romances. In the case of High School Romances a lot of them are Bully Romance and Sport Romances. There are also several books which feature characters returning either to their childhood home, or that of their parents. These books tend to have a bit of a mystery to them, where the romance competes with the suspense throughout the novel to keep the reader on their toes.

There are several cowboy and rancher novels on the list this week. Surprisingly, very few of them are historical works, instead they are like the majority of the list and are set in contemporary America. These books tend to borrow from the Alpha Male niche, though do not follow all the rules. There are often scenes where the male character is expected to show off his strength, as well as at least one scene where he shows that he can be kind and tender too. The heroines are generally not entirely comfortable with ranch life, though this is not a hard and fast rule. But if they are from the city, they generally come to see ranch life as much better for them and choose to stay. There are often also scenes at the beginning and end of the book which show how much the character has learned and progressed from their earlier incompetence or scorn about such life.

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