This week in best selling History eBooks, there are several very popular niches, some of which overlap with one another and some of which stand apart.

First off is the clear interest readers have for Cowboy and Western novels. There are numerous books from this niche on the list, most of which are fairly stereotypical. The hero is generally a world weary cowboy who is either a sheriff, or someone with distrust for the law, but who is put in a position where he must take charge and represent it. And generally they are male leads, there are no traditional style Cowboy and Western novels on the list, with a female protagonist. Most women in these books are sidelined to damsel or love interest, or both. This may show an opening for writers, or it may simply show that the market is not interested in anything else. 

Factual history books about Native American History is also popular this week. Most of these books are informing the reader about a similar era to the Cowboy and Western novels in the above section, and rarely do they go outside these few decades of American History. These books tend to be focused on Military History, with biographies and true crime books also proving popular. There is little to none on the chart this week about any part of the numerous Native American cultures that is not in regards to war or fighting.

Military History seems to be very popular this week, with a focus on events that occurred during the Second World War, or which helped to eventuate it. There is also a little on Medieval warfare, and modern warfare, both of which are primarily biographies and memoirs of famous individuals. 

The Second World War is also a popular setting for books about civilian life. There are several books about survivors and the lives they led during the war. The various resistance movements are also popular areas for books, as are stories about spies. There are also several true crime books. These books are typically based in the US and, most often, tell the stories of middle class individuals or the wealthy. 

There are also several books about particular women from history on the chart this week. Mostly authors seem to be writing about famous women, which means that the odds are that they are royal. There are also several books following the life story of women who faced great challenges and survived despite traumatic events. In the case of some of these women they have a horse in both these races, since history has shown being Royal does not preclude you from a traumatic life.

There is also some continued interest in scientific history, though it is not to the same extent as it has been in previous weeks. There are also some books focused on European settings, rather than a person or event.

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