Readers have a lot of interest in some less common niches in Non-Fiction this week. Books on ecology and animals are proving surprisingly popular, as are books on the military, especially Military Biographies and Histories. Travelogues and books by and about women are also popular. There is also the usual interest in Self Help and Recipe books.

Ecology, the Environment, and Animals are not often a popular reading material, but this week they are doing more than holding their own. James Herriot, a Vet working in Yorkshire in the middle of the Twentieth Century wrote a series of autobiographies about his life and it is one of these books, The Lord God Made Them All, that is proving especially popular this week. This biography is a particularly humorous look at the history of an era and is filled with stories about animals doing strange and wonderful things. In comparison, The Sixth Extinction, by Elizabeth Kolbert, is a less cheerful look at animals and their interactions with the humans who share their planet. And, Still Waters: The Secret Life of Lakes, by Curt Stager, is a book on the ecology of water systems, and so is an even further step towards the academic side of this genre. This shows that the readers who are looking for books focused on animals and the environment are looking for a varied choice of books, rather than one archetype or topic.

The military is another popular topic this week, with much of the focus on Military History and Biographies. As usual many of these books are based around the events of the Second World War, but there are also more recent works which are gaining notice. Part of this may be because the people involved are particularly well known and involved in politics, such as Jim Mattis’, Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead. And even if it is not the main reason, it probably helps to sell a book if the person on the cover is someone the reader wants to hear more about.

There is a new niche that is growing in popularity, and that new niche is Travelogues and Biographies by and about women. These travel focused works typically are a mix of advice for those who might follow in the writer’s footsteps, but are also inspirational books, designed to allow readers to live vicariously through the text. These books usually show a woman’s journey through an area that is seen as exotic, and dangerous, and there are usually some spiritual or spiritual adjacent messages in the book.

Most of the Self Help books this week seem to be principally about becoming more charismatic and better at speaking, both privately and publicly. There are also various nice topics, like minimalism, budgeting, and similar issues. As always there are several books all promising to be the key to helping you to succeed at work and in business, either by following in the path of someone else, or by completely changing your life in a few simple ways. The recipe books this week are on particular styles and diets. For example, Vegan food, or food by certain social groups.

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