This week Science Fiction Romance has been inundated with some very popular trends and some authors who buck the trend, but manage to take the chart by storm anyway. It is always interesting to see what ends up on the Best Seller’s Chart due to it overlapping in some odd way with the genre, and this week’s Science Fiction Romance best seller’s chart is a good example.

To begin with, A. G. Riddle is still the most popular author on the chart, with 8 books in the top fifty alone. These books are more Science Fiction (with Romance) than Science Fiction Romance, but clearly they have the popularity and the tags to get them onto the chart and pretty high up it too. This shows that the wish for dystopian and apocalyptic Science Fiction with a strong Military Science Fiction flavour is continuing in popularity and is unlikely to disappear.

Aside from this one author niche, there is also a lot of interest in books featuring alien male characters who have invaded or otherwise taken over Earth or a Colony of Earth. In these books the relationship between the female characters (who are usually human) and the male are generally imbalanced, with a push towards arranged marriages, Auction Fantasies, Capture Fantasies, and similar tropes which are based on the idea of the alien seeing the human women as their property. These books also frequently have breeding and pregnancy related kinks stitched into the world building, and there is often some plot point about the aliens losing all of their women or fertility and so needing to steal or buy human women. This is a very popular trope, most of the chart feeds into this in some sort of way. Other tropes whcih become a part of this are;

  • Alpha Males (including Warrior Males, Kings, Emperors, Captains, etc.)
  • Omegaverse
  • BDSM
  • Abductions and Kidnapping
  • Marriage/Relationship of Convenience
  • Dark Romance
  • Reverse Harem
  • Fated Mates

And numerous other related tropes. 

There is also a clear interest in male characters who fit the idea of not being human, but are not necessarily aliens either. Androids and other Artificial Intelligence beings are popular, in particular.

There are even some Magical Academy books which are managing to sneak their way onto the chart, despite the fact that they do not seem to have much in the way of Science Fiction written into their plot. This is most likely due to the books being incorrectly tagged, or it may be because authors are attempting to gain a foothold in as many well paying genres as possible. Mostly it just manages to make the book look rather lost in amongst the other books on the chart, so it is perhaps not the best idea.

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