There are some interesting trends in the works on the best selling chart for Paranormal Romance this week. Some new shape shifters, and magical creatures are proving popular and fantasy elements are becoming more popular.

First off, Dragon Shape Shifter novels have been popular for a while. This is still continuing, however there are also some new magical creatures proving popular. This week Griffins are making a first foray into the Paranormal Romance field. Joining them are alligators, bears, and wolves. The latter two are somewhat expected, however the alligators are pretty rare and seems to be attached to a single series so far. Interestingly, there is also a rise in the number of books where the woman is the shape shifter, while the man is the ordinary human.

Secondly, Fae and Elves are still the most popular niche outside of Shape Shifters, magic and political intrigue seem to be the staples of these stories. There is usually a plot against the ruling Fae family, and the characters are on one, or the other, or both sides of the fight. Growing in popularity for the first time in a while, are books featuring vampires. These books tend to be on the darker side, and frequently feature BDSM elements.

There is also an uptick in the number of books featuring mythological beings, such as Cupid and suchlike. This is an interesting trend, especially since the books involved tend to have a tone more similar to Rom Com and humorous Contemporary Romance, than many of the other books in the Paranormal Romance field.

It is also clear that Fantasy Romance is having a bit of a resurgence, with more books on that side of the divide getting attention. Principally the main difference between Paranormal and Fantasy Romance is that the Fantasy Romance takes place in a world that is unlike our own, with a historical style in the setting. Paranormal Romance is usually based in a recognisable modern city, though sometimes the city might be very different because of the in-world changes.

Of course, one of the most popular trends in the chart is still that of Magical Academy books. To make these more age appropriate, some of these have also become Magical University/College books, though setting them in a High School is still a popular trope. As an aside, it might be a good idea to err on the side of caution on this and age your characters up if they are going to be taking part in the usual Paranormal Romance activities. 

Demons are not proving super popular this week, and are more often seen as set dressing rather than main characters. This also means that Angels are even less popular and have mostly disappeared from the chart all together. Witches are reasonably popular as main characters, but oddly enough non-powered heroines are also doing pretty well. At least outside of the Magical Academy niche where almost everyone has magical powers.

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