This week’s Romance eBook chart shows that there are a variety of trends doing particularly well this week, rather than one or two in particular.

First, there appears to be a lot interest in Thriller, Suspense and Mystery books with a dominant romantic theme. This is interesting as there is a lot of different types of books that fit under this large umbrella, from murder mysteries, to cozy mysteries, to pulp-y action thrillers with a thread of romance. This shows that Romance is popular as both a main ticket item, and, to muddle my metaphors, as an ingredient.

Contemporary Romance is still going strong. There are several niches with a hold on the market this week;

  • Bully Romance (Usually set in a High School Romance, but not always)
  • Sports Romance (Also a favourite of writers setting their books in High Schools, though, again, this is not required)
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Marriage/Relationships of Convenience
  • Fake Relationships
  • Billionaires/Millionaires

And many more.

One niche that is doing particularly well for itself, is that of Cowboy Romances, which also extends into popularity for books set in other rural parts of the US. This includes Mountain Men Romances, and romances featuring the Bayou. It is clear that while the billionaire from the city is a popular character, so too is his opposite, the hard working, blue collar guy from the country.

Alpha Males are also popular, and come in a variety of different styles. There are the shapeshifter romances, which feature an Alpha Male hero who turns into predatory animals and rescues his mate. There are also numerous Omegaverse books, featuring the Omega’s opposite number, the Alpha. And there are some settings with no magic or non-human characters, but where the gruff and no nonsense hero fits the Alpha Male silhouette.

But to return to the Shapeshifter niche, Paranormal Romance is doing pretty well this week. Non-traditional animals area also more popular, with alligators getting a return appearance. Otherwise, Fae and Elves seem to be the most sought after, with vampires once again paling in comparison.

Historical Romance has a couple of outstanding books in this chart, the 1800s seems to still be the most popular era, and Britain, Southern England in particular, the most prominent area.

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