It is clear that there are some definite themes running through the books doing well on the Teen and Young Adult Bestseller’s chart, this week. The one that is most obvious is probably High School based fiction, both of the Magical and Non-Magical varieties. There is very little on the chart that does not in some way align with this theme, but what there is tends to be either an autobiography or literary novel, or fantasy. These last three are not as varied as the other trends on the list, but there is some interesting analysis to be dug into.

Magical Academy books are incredibly popular this week, to the point where sorting the chart has basically become a case of putting everything from this niche in one pile and everything else in the other one. Generally speaking, these stories are about a young woman who goes to a magical school, possibly after just finding out she has magic. This is very similar to the Harry Potter plot, but this niche is far more open in targeting a female readership, so representation is important. There is usually everything that might occur in an ordinary high school, exam stress, awkward romance, hateful teachers, but everything also has a magical twist to it. If you fail the exam, you might die, for example. And of course as well as this is the fact that unlike most high schools, the children at magical academies are generally super powered and are likely to have a pretty big impact on the fate of the world. These books tend to go fairly deeply into the Paranormal Romance genre, in some ways they are identical to the books found there, but repackaged for the new trend. Romance is therefore usually quite complicated, with bully romances, reverse harems, and love triangles available in nearly every book.

Linked to this are the books that are based in Non-Magical High Schools, these are typically as focused on romance as their magical siblings, but without the added fluff of fated soul mates or destined enemies falling in love. Bully romance is very popular this week, as is sports romance and enemies to lovers. Things are not always safer in these books, there is often a murder sub plot or something similar, but the source of the threat is based in something closer to the real world.

Speaking of the real world, autobiographies and memoirs are doing well this week. A lot of these books are based upon the teenage years of the writers, which may suggest why they fell into this category. This week the books gaining a spot on the chart are not featuring truly dramatic lives, but ones of deep emotional impact instead. This shows that readers are seeking books which touch their hearts, rather than give them thrills. The literary books on offer are similarly focused on stories about love and loss, rather than taking on impossible odds and fighting a revolution, for example.

Fantasy goes against this trend, however, here there is a lot of interest in books about fighting the unstoppable. Political intrigue and machinations are particularly popular this week, as is military based fantasy. Quest fantasies are also popular, the idea of having a clear goal and steps to reach that goal are an understandable fantasy to have in a time of confusion and complicated rules. Which could be the byline on a movie poster about being a teenager or young adult, so it’s no surprise it’s popular.

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