Hello folks! Well I am back from my holiday in Dublin and am fully refreshed and itching to get back to work. World Con was fantastic and I would heartily recommend anyone living nearby to one to go. Well, for a given amount of nearby, there was still a full day’s travel at the beginning and end of my journeys, so not that close.

But it was fantastic, and really interesting to see so many massively successful authors speak. I am full of ideas for my own writing, but more importantly for you guys I am full of energy for writing posts on what is trending on Amazon this week.

I also managed to get a visit to Trinity College to see the book of Kells, which I have been wanting to see for years and years. Unfortunately, actually seeing the darn thing was next to impossible if you didn’t have sharp elbows and the intent to use them. But I learned a lot and left feeling inspired.

This week I have trimmed down the posts I am going to make, some of them are interesting for me to do, but no one really looks at them. So this is the new and improved weekly schedule!

Monday : Fiction and Non Fiction

Tuesday :  Science Fiction and Fantasy

Wednesday :  Kids, Teens and YA

Thursday: History, Romance, Historical Romance

Friday : Paranormal Romance and Science Fiction Romance

The newsletter will go out to subscribers on Friday, no massive change there. And the Weekly update and round up posts will appear on the website on the Sunday. 

If I have stopped doing a post you love please tell me in the comments, the ones I’m dropping are because of a lack of interest, but if it turns out that any of you are dedicated to one or another of the posts, then I will happily bring them back.

But that’s all the updates I think you guys will need for just now, and I should go get to work on the posts for today. Fiction and Non Fiction are on their way!

 Leave a comment if you have something to say, I love hearing from people!