This week the weather and internet companies have been working against us here on the website, so there have been a lot fewer posts than we would like. But between thunder and lightning putting out our internet and the slowness things have gotten fixed, we’ve had to prioritise certain posts over others and we hope you’ll understand. 

Next week is going to be interesting since K is off to a con and will be a bit too busy for daily posts, but Monday through to Wednesday should be safe enough to rely on.

But back to this week! The book charts this week have show a fairly scattered preference from readers. There are a lot of different niches and trends doing well at the moment, rather than one or two distinct ones for each genre and perhaps one or two trends getting some good numbers in more than one genre.

In Fiction, the books seeming to attract the most attention this week are those that are part of the Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense genre. Everything from cozy mysteries to serial killer thrillers are represented on the chart this week. Science Fiction and Fantasy are also doing well, though it seems to be concentrated on those books viewed as classics in these genres. However, there does seem to be some growth in what is considered a Classic, with Anne McCaffrey appearing on the chart alongside Tolkien and Atwood. Lots of Contemporary Romance seems to be doing well, and rather than History in general doing well it seems to be purely Romance set in World War 2 that seems to be getting attention.

In Non-Fiction, a new Amazon Original series called The One has been taking a lot f the top spots. These autobiographical tales from top writers are about falling in love, in all the different ways that happens, from friendship to romance. In fact, Memoirs and Biographies in general are doing very well, not just in this series. Self Help and Recipe books are also pulling their weight in the niche, though the latter far less than it has in the past. Self Help books, in contrast, seem to be becoming even more popular, rather than less. Generally these books focus on what a reader can do to improve themselves, whether that is a mental health issue, a physical issue, or something more nebulous like persuasive skills.

In History, there are some reasonably distinct trends, people seem to be really going for books about American History, all of it! There are books about the founding fathers selling well, about the Civil War, about recent political scandals. Anything and everything, as long as it’s in that niche. Also popular, are books on the History of Science, and books on the Second World War. There are even books which over lap between those niches. This week has seen an increase the interest of readers in books about those fighting the war on the battlefield, a step away from the usual preference for books on spies and resistance fighters.

The three niches doing best in Science Fiction are Apocalyptic novels, LitRPG novels, and Classic Science Fiction novels. In contrast to previous weeks there is very little on the chart that is set in space or involves the Space Opera niche.

Classic Fantasy novels are taking over in the Fantasy genre, the only thing that comes close to beating them is the massive number of Paranormal Romance novels that fill the chart. LitRPG is doing well here too, though these books differ from their Science Fiction cousins as they tend to be more focused on mimicking a Sword and Sorcery style, with lots of magic and questing. 

In children’s books the power of branding is not to be denied, most of the books doing well this week come under the control of some massive corporation and have links to movies or a TV show. For once, Children’s Non-Fiction seems to be doing well this week, a lot of it is in Spanish which shows a growth in this corner of the market. Continuing in its popularity is the niche of books that give children stories that make explanations easier, for example the characters are sick and go to the hospital, which parents may then use to ease their children’s confusion over tricky subjects.

Highs School seems to be something that Teens and Young Adults can’t escape, even in fiction, as the niche continues to grow in popularity. They have pushed all other niches and trends out to the corners of the chart, leaving Memoirs and Literature to come very distant runners up.

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