This week has seen a varied choice of books by Romance readers, the books on display on the Best Seller’s chart are from a host of different sub-genres, niches, and trends. Rather than finding one overwhelming trend that is influencing all the book choices this week, it looks like we will just have to hunt down as many as we can to try and make some sense from the data in front of us.

First off is the Paranormal books on the list. This includes a small collection of Magical Academy books, far below the amount that might have been expected after the show of previous weeks. This niche s marked by a lot of magical heroes and less magical heroines, the heroines are usually in a less privileged position than their hero as well. A lot of the books on the chart also feature Reverse Harems. Shape Shifter romances are also popular, with this week the crown going to wolves and dragons. Fae characters are also very popular, these books typically going into more detail about the politics and societies featured in the stories.

Historical Romance also appears to be doing well, hitting multiple times on the chart. These appear to be more on the Clean side of Romance, set in the Victorian period. These books also feature a lot of setting details, encouraging the idea of exploration and pioneering.

Mediterranean settings are very popular in the Contemporary Romance novels on show this week. There seems to be a clear trend for Holiday romances and romances featuring European Heroes. These books tend to also include Millionaires, Billionaires, and Royalty. This shows that there appears to be a cross niche trend for the male characters in Romance this week to be in a position of authority over their heroines.

American heroes are also very popular this week, though they tend to be from certain parts of the country. Southern heroes are very popular, as are Cowboys and Ranchers. Books featuring characters in the Mafia are also very popular, these books are usually blended with another niche, such as Second Chances or Marriage of Convenience. They are also typically of a Darker Romantic style, and usually have a pretty high Heat level.

One trend that seems quite popular this week across niches, is the idea of “Mistakes”. These books typically feature an Accidental Pregnancy, or a Second Chance Romance. Often they also feature an Enemies to Lovers plot line. 

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