The readers of Children’s Books this week are showing a clear preference for branded books, and Science Fiction and Fantasy. There are also a number of Non-Fiction books doing well.

Disney and their subsidiaries are still ruling the roost here, there are books fora half dozen different movies and series, showing that there is a sale ready to be made no matter the preference of the reader. There are books featuring characters from cartoons, from live action movies, and from everything in between. A lot of books in this part of the category are picture books, with simplified artwork of the characters. They rarely tell the exact same story of the film they are based on, instead telling the story of secondary characters, or taking the place of prequels or sequels.

Superheroes are popular this week, both DC and Marvel are represented on the chart. There are even books from worlds outside these hallowed halls, for example, Brandon Sanderson’s, Steelheart, the first in The Reckoners series, is selling well. This shows that superhero stories are popular as a genre and not just as extended universes.

Books that explain tricky subjects to children in a fun or interesting way are also popular. Some of these books are branded, so for example, Spongebob goes to the Doctor, does what it says on the tin, and tells the story of Spongebob getting sick and having to go to the doctor. This gives the guardians of children the chance to explain troubling subjects in a fun and low threat way. It also gives carers who have trouble reaching their children through language a good template to work off and to learn themselves what works best.

Both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books are well represented on the chart, with both books from the main series and ancillary books being read in high numbers.It does raise the question, however, of exactly how many children are reading The Silmarillion, and whether, perhaps some of the numbers associated with it are due to the book being mis-categorised, but it is very clear that these books are truly popular no matter what.

Non-Fiction is seeing something of a resurgence this week, in particular books in Spanish have been doing consistently well. In particular, this applies to books about exotic animals that are traditionally found frightening. These books are also usually picture books, utilising photographs of wild animals.

There is also a small uptick in the number of Memoirs being bought in this category, the most prominent is Farewell to Manzanar, by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston. This, perhaps, shows a raised interest in the stories of immigrants and refugees.

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