This week the trends and niches in the Fantasy genre that are most popular are crystal clear. Once again famous authors and Magical Academy books are taking up much of the space in the chart, what is left is mostly a mix of Paranormal Romance, LitRPG, and Sword and Sorcery style books. 

J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has taken over a large portion of the chart. This should not be surprising, the Harry Potter series is beloved, famous, and a part of modern culture that is impossible to ignore. It is also a part of the Magical Academy niche, which is also a massive part of the genre. Between the two of them they are almost half the chart, the importance of these books to the genre cannot be denied. It is especially important, since these books tend to open the door for readers to other books, some by the same author or in the same series, but also to other books in the genre. 

The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien, is also a major part of the genre, and its influence on the styles and writing of authors in the years since The Hobbit’s publication cannot be denied. This style of questing and military medieval fantasy is not quite as popular as it has been in previous weeks, but is still clearly a part of the genre, even apart from Tolkien’s books. 

Funnily enough, the LitRPG element of the Fantasy genre this week clings far more closely to these ideas, and is a surprisingly popular niche this week. Perhaps the readers looking for this kind of story have been redirected to this niche instead of more traditional Fantasy. In these books there are the usual tropes of invading armies, dastardly villains, and magical powers that grow as you gain experience. So in many ways they are pretty close to what is going on in the Magical Academy niche as well, though it should be noted that in general there are far fewer female lead characters in the LitRPG genre than there are in Magical Academy novels. This may be a niche worth looking into for anyone interested in writing for the genre.

Paranormal Romance is doing well in this week’s chart, particularly books featuring heroes who are Shape Shifters. Dragons and Polar Bears seem to be popular options this week, as well as the always popular Werewolves. Mostly the main characters in this niche seem to be young women, indicating that the target audience is likely to also be women. Fae and Elves are also popular, though not to the same amount.

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