There is a lot of change in the Non-Fiction charts this week, in particular a new series from Amazon themselves has caught the attention of a lot of readers and has taken up several places closest to the top. As well as this series, Biographies and Memoirs in general seem to be popular. Also selling well are History books, Self Help books, and Recipe Books. Books on Modern American Politics are also being bought in high enough numbers to really have an impact on the chart.

The new Amazon Original Series that is catching so much attention from readers is called, The One, and calls upon several writers to tell an autobiographical account of a great love they have had. Obviously this prompt has resulted in many different sorts of stories, and there is some sort of love in just about every flavour available, from dogs, to friendships, to just about everything else. This series is an excellent example of how a series of linked books can all help elevate each other. The books get readers who are interested in the subject, but they also have multiple chances to get readers who are interested in authors more than subjects, and in turn the familiar authors can introduce the readers to other authors. The books are also short, which helps to ensure that readers can finish them and then be on the look out for their next read, while they remember that there are other books they can move onto.

Of course, this series being popular shows how much of a readership there is behind Memoirs and Biographies, since this week there are basically two niches filling that want and neither have been diminished. That means there is an impressive number of people wanting to read in this niche! As well as the contemporary memoirs of authors, there are a great deal of books about famous Americans through the centuries. Many of these books are about politicians, most of them in fact, but scientists and criminals are also popular subjects. 

Modern America is also explored in books like, Those Who Wander: America’s Lost Street Kids, by Vivian Ho, and past America (in particular the lives of Americans in the first half of the 1900s) in books like, Mathew Rozell’s, The Things Our Fathers Saw. This book on World War 2 is joined by several other books on the war, showing that readers are searching out a lot of first person experiences of the era. Anthony Pitch’s, Our Crime Was Being Jewish, features the life stories of many, many survivors.

Moving on to self Help Books, there are a lot of topics being covered in this niche. Perhaps the most eye catching, however, is that of Economic Self Help. Running the gamut from budgeting help, to inspirational books about the lives of the wealthy, there are a lot of books on this subject. After this is the subject of Mental Health, this topic is also widely covered, with books mainly giving advice on how to deal with general problems. There are also many books in a connected niche, where readers are taught to better themselves in some way, such as improving their memories, or becoming more persuasive. Increasingly popular, are books about decor and tidying. While these are connected to Self Help, many of them are even more intimately connected to ideas of philosophy or religion, and many of them are written in similar tones to these niches.

Recipe books are much less popular than they have been, but they are still present on the chart to some degree. The majority of the books in this niche this week are dealing with quick and healthy meals, rather than recipes from a specific geographic location or social group, or by a well known chef. This says something about the priorities of the readers this week.

In fact, this week’s readers do seem to be prioritising speed and easiness over many other wants. Many of the books on the chart this week feature numerous chapters focusing on different events, rather than concentrating the entire book on one. 

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