This week has seen a big increase in certain genres of genre fiction in the Fiction best seller’s charts. In particular, Science Fiction, but also Fantasy, Mystery, and Romance are all taking up more space. This is an interesting change, normally Literature and Women’s Fiction take the lead in this category, with a large part also going to Mystery, Suspense, and Thrillers, but this one of the first times that other genres have such a significant impact on the chart.

First, let’s look at the Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller novels that have made it onto the chart this week. Plenty of famous names on the covers this week, James Patterson, for example, and the trend seems to be for long series about professional investigators, rather than Cozy mysteries where people’s great-aunts seem incapable of going on holiday without turning up a murder or two. A lot of these books are leaning pretty heavily into both the Suspense and Thriller parts of the genre, making mysteries that are on the darker side. Serial killers are pretty common, as are grudges against investigators which lead to them and their loved ones being under threat. 

Second, Science Fiction and Fantasy. Now this is an interesting trend, since a lot of the books which are doing so well are not new to the market. Books like Anne McCaffrey’s, To Ride Pegasus. This implies that there must be something drawing readers to this book, and people should keep an eye out for news of television shows and movies since that is the mos common culprit, for example with The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, or The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien. Of course, with all three of these authors, nostalgia and word of mouth have kept them going in between the times of peak interest, so that too should’t be ignored. There are also more recent novels in the Science Fiction and Fantasy niches that are doing well, A. G. Riddle’s books, of course. And this helps to underline the continuing trend of Dystopian and Apocalypse themed fiction. There is also evidence of continued interest in Magical Academy books, which should not be a surprise.

A variety of niches in the Romance genre are also doing well. Historical Romance has some presence on the chart, and interestingly it is of the Historically Realistic sort, rather than the cliche and trope heavy novels which belong to their own style and universe. Here, the readers’ preference for stories about World War 2 is also noticeable, since more than one book is set in this era. Books written around any period of massive societal change seem particularly popular, this helps to show why the 1900s are so particularly popular, plus they are a time that is relatively easy to research given that it is more recent. Other Romance novels doing well feature mostly Contemporary Romance niches and trends, such as Medical Romance, Mafia Romance and Romantic Comedies.

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