Hi folks, what a week it’s been on the website! 

We were lucky enough to have A. C. Melody write a post about how much she liked the website, which was a real ego boost! To say thank you to her (and anyone that does something similar in the future) we’ll be putting up a page for saying thank you to people. That should go up sometime this weekend.

As well as that fantastic news, we posted a whole bunch this week. 

We posted a short analysis of the Medical Romance niche this week, focusing on the trends and niches within that genre.

In General Fiction, the Mystery, Thriller and Suspense genres are being read by many enthusiastic readers. Cozy Mysteries are particularly popular this week, with their biggest competition that of Serial Killers and Police Detectives. This includes lots of classic books and authors, such as Agatha Christie and Rex Stout.

In General Non-Fiction, American History is hugely popular, from the very earliest days of the country to relatively recently. Politics is a particular trend that seems to be catching people’s attention, since it is being read in both History and Memoir, another genre that is doing very well. Recipe books and self help are selling reasonably, though not on quite the same scale.

In LGBT+ books, there are several trends that are doing well, however they are all fairly intermixed which means that many of the books are pulling from multiple trends. These trends are principally, History, Memoirs, Travel, Japanese Culture, Family, and Literary Novels. There are also some smaller trends that are also doing well, such as Royalty and Romance. And of course, Erotica is doing well in this category, too.

Science Fiction readers have some very clear preferences this week. Novels about Dystopias and Apocalypses are being read to the point of pushing out a lot of the other available topics. A lot of these are tied into the continued trend of books about fertility and disease, such as The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood. Als popular are books about space battles and military science fiction.

In Fantasy, the classics are back with a vengeance. From George Orwell to Tolkien, the familiar and nostalgic are getting the readers interested. Here too are Dystopias and Apocalypses, often they are even the same books, which does suggest that some of the publishers tagging these books are using a scatter gun technique rather than carefully choosing between the two genres. Magical Academy books are also massively popular, but more on them later.

Horror has a pretty hefty amount of other genres clogging up it’s chart. A lot of the darker Paranormal and Supernatural books have been tagged with it, to indicate the fact that these books have a different tone than many of the other books in this genre. Mystery Horror and Supernatural Horror are probably the two niches with the most that is primarily Horror over the other genre it is blended with.

This week’s Romance chart shows a determined preference for Contemporary Romance, and Dark Romance within that. A lot of readers want Mafia or Crime Romance, and BDSM is a popular trend within that niche. So is Marriage of Convenience and many of the genres that are usually connected with that, like Arranged Marriage, Accidental Pregnancies, and Alpha Male, come along too.

Historical Romance is still the realm of Regency, Highlander, and Cowboy Romances. However, this week the Cowboys have lost some ground to the Regency Rakes and Nobles, while the Highlanders are just managing to hold their own. There is also an increase in the number of books from outside these three niches, in particular, books featuring real life historical people and the romances occurring around them.

Paranormal Romance, on the other hand, was nearly entirely taken over by Magical Academy books this week, to the point where other niches were buried under all the books. Fae heroes were in great want this week, with a lot of Political Intrigue and Royalty influencing the plots. Shape Shifters were rather far down the pecking order, with the readers preferring books about Bear Shape Shifters in particular.

In Science Fiction, there are a lot of books sneaking in under the wire by being Science Fiction books with a Romantic sub plot, rather than being true Science Fiction Romances. However, this has not dampened the enthusiasm of the readers, who have clearly been enjoying the breadth of choice in the chart. The books with a more obvious focus on Romance tend to fall into one of two niches, either the Hero is a domineering Alien, one who has possibly taken over Earth and abducted his heroine, or the heroine is a space travelling member of a more technologically advanced society who has crashed onto the planet belonging to a male alien who is similar in mindset and education to a caveman.

Three-fifths of the Teen and Young Adult chart this week was given over to the Magical Academy niche, which is a lot for any one genre to be given over to a single niche. Also very popular were Fantasy novels and Memoirs. Funnily enough, there is also a lot of interest in books which are fictional but mimic the style of a memoir.

Fantasy is also popular in the Children’s Book chart, though not nearly as popular as whatever has the might of branding and a cartoon behind it.

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