As is often the case in Science Fiction Romance, there are two main check boxes for the books to go through before we can even get to which of the niches and trends are doing well. The first is this, Is this really a Science Fiction Romance book, or is this a Science Fiction book with some Romance? The second is this, Is the hero a mysterious alien, who has seen the (generally human) heroine as a lover he seeks to claim for himself? Once you have the answers to these questions, sorting the niches and trends in Science Fiction Romance typically becomes a lot easier. 

First off, let us look at the books that align with that first question’s second part. There is a definite niche on the chart belonging to books whcih are not primarily Romance novels, but are instead Science Fiction novels, with a Romantic Subplot. Many of these books are set in Apocalyptic or Dystopian settings, and feature characters attempting to save themselves, their loved ones, and often the world. A. G. Riddle is one author who has done very well in this niche, not only do his books fill the Science Fiction Charts, but he also gets the second chance of attracting readers by being included on the Science Fiction Romance charts as well.

Secondly, as shown by the presence of the question, many of the books on the chart feature an Alpha Male Alien who, like many Shape Shifters in Paranormal Romance, see human women as beings to be claimed. Often these books feature Dark Romance elements, where BDSM, Capture Fantasies, Omegaverse, Auction Fantasies, Abduction Fantasies, and many more trends and tropes. By making the hero a non-human man the writer side steps normal human cultural requirements, and is given a chance to explore the differences in alien cultures which may be useful for plot and romance. It is also an important factor in two of the most popular niches of recent weeks, Invasion Fantasies, where the alien is part of a colonising culture who have taken over the Earth and often want partners as a form of tribute, and second, which is when a woman from a more technologically developed society crash lands on a planet and must be rescued by the men from a less advanced society. This niche also tends to have a lot of Dark Romance elements, as well as Alpha Male linked tropes, Reverse Harems are also very popular in this niche.

Of course, there are niches and trends that don’t fall quite so neatly into these boxes. For example, there are Science Fiction based Shape Shifter stories that are neither taking place in a dystopian world, nor are they inhabited by aliens. These tend to be pretty similar to the Paranormal Romances that follow the same topic, with lots of BDSM, Omegaverse, Alpha Males, and Reverse Harems on the cards. 

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