This week in Paranormal Romance the readers are clearly looking for stories they can sink their teeth and claws into, as Shape Shifting is as popular as it has ever been. 

Generally speaking, the most popular niche in the Shape Shifter Romance market has to belong to the Bear Shape Shifters this week. While other types of animal are featured, they are by far the most common. Tigers and wolves also show up on the list, but the second place goes to Dragons, perhaps because this gives writers the opportunity to blend more magic into the world and so they are more fun to write. An important factor in writing any book, after all, if you find the story boring then it’s not going to be much fun for the readers either. This niche is also very likely to contain some of the following tropes in it;

  • Reverse Harem
  • Omegaverse
  • Fated Mates
  • Hunting 
  • Abduction

Plus a whole host of other ones that show up in other spots in the Paranormal Romance category. One factor that should not be ignored is that the heroine tends to be put into a more vulnerable position early on in the book, and sometimes there is a reverse of this that happens later on to show the character growth and the ties that now bind the lovers.

Of course, Magical Academy Books are still massively in demand. Here there are Reverse Harems, Bully Romances, and Soul Mates by the dozen. Romance in these books tends to be a fairly major plot point, if not the most important one then close to it. Of course there is also plenty of magical threats that compete with the Romance to take centre stage, but they rarely manage to win in that fight.

Royalty and political intrigue are some of the most popular trends in the charts this week after Magical Academies and Shape Shifters. These trends are often combined with Fae or Elven characters and there tends to be at least one attempted assassination per book. Often, one of the characters is the assassin! Of course this niche also has a lot of the Private Detective/Bounty Hunter Heroines that tend to show up in Paranormal Romance. They are prone to being more violent characters than some of the others in this category and typically resent being rescued, preferring to be the rescuer. Thieves are also popular, especially as they give the writer a chance to explore more stealthy sides to the classic Badass Heroine Archetype.

A lot of the titles and themes in the books this week are to do with darkness and shadow. The covers too, though there is also a lot of mist, fog, and smoke to be seen which balances out the darkness in the palette. Reds are a popular choice as a dominant colour combined with a monochrome background, usually a blood red or flame red is used to add a dangerous tone to the image. Weapons and fighting stances are also popular, while, unlike many other Romance genres, there are few covers featuring couples together.

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