This week has certainly seen a boost in the number of Medical Romances getting onto the best seller’s charts. This niche is an interesting one to analyse, since it is a mix of genre, character, and setting requirements that make it. Of course plot too is an important factor, but generally speaking the writers are more focused on setting and character to make their books a Medical Romance over a book that has an ill character or something similar. The vast majority of books in this niche are Contemporary Romance novels, often Workplace Romances, with Employee/Employer Romances among the most popular choices for readers.

A lot of the books in this niche are written by single authors, or at least, they are series published under the same pseudonym, it is entirely possible that they are written by ghost writers. They are often posed as following the same plots, but with a slightly different array of characters. For example, in Amelia Adler’s series the titles follow the same formula, “Blank’s Date with a Billionaire: A Clean Billionaire Romance”, with “Blank” being changed in every title, such as “Veterinarian”, “Nurse”, “Doctor”, etc. Other series also include, Dobi Daniels’, Dexington Medical Billionaire Series, and many others. This shows that readers in this niche often move from one book in a series to the next, and prize the ability to enjoy reading stories from single authors or that are set in a communal world. This, perhaps, implies that Medical Romance is one of those niches that it is a long term investment to write in, since people will read through your back list more readily.

Interestingly this is also a niche that has space for both Clean Romance novels and ones which have high levels of heat and kink. This says many different things, but one of the hopeful things that can be taken from this is that there is an opportunity for many different writers to write for his niche. Personal preference and writing style may decide for writers whether or not they write a story with a high heat level, but this will not prevent them from being able to write books for Medical Romance.

There is also space in the niche for books outside of the M/F relationship that is so common in Romance. There are books showing many other types of relationship, from Reverse Harem books, to books featuring LGBT+ characters. This once more shows that writers in this niche have a lot of freedom to write what they want. It also shows that if you were already planning to write, for example, a Lesbian Romance story, then this is one of the niches that this would do best in. 

Royalty is a popular trend this week. Royal characters tend to be popular in niches where Alpha Males and Billionaires also sell well, presumably because trends blend well into the Archetype of a Romantic Royal, but also for more ordinary reasons. Someone with a royal title is more likely to be massively wealthy, this is fairly obvious. There is also the fact that with wealth and political and social power the characters are expected to be more confident and more in line with an Alpha Male personality.

Also popular are Accidental Pregnancies. There are many potential reasons for his being so popular, the most obvious being that the irony of people in the medical profession having this sort of issue might be seen as quite funny to some. Another more practical reason is that pregnancies require regular doctor’s appointments, if a pair have not seen each other since the night of conception and one works at a hospital then there will be plenty of chances for them to meet again. This, of course, also opens the door for Second Chance relationships, another popular trend.

Finally, this analysis would not be complete, without a brief look at the kinkier books on the chart. Obviously, some are more prevalent than others. Pseudo incest and other Taboo Kinks have a small following, but what is really popular appears to be Medical Kink. Just one series featuring this trend covers a good half dozen spots in the chart, showing that the Medical Romance reader’s tendency to follow from one book in a series to the next works even in this niche.

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