In Romance old niches and trends are making their return to the best seller’s chart, while surprises are appearing up and down the chart.

This week Contemporary Romance is taking the lead, practically all the books on the chart are set in an approximation of the real world, with Paranormal, Fantasy, and Science Fiction books far, far less common than normal. There are many distinct niches within this Contemporary trend, however, and here are a few of them;

  • Dark Romance, often with Mafia, or Criminal elements. These books typically have Marriage of Convenience themes, with Auctions, Deals, and Arranged Marriages Common. They also frequently have BDSM elements and Forced Proximity.
  • High School/College Romance, often have Second Chance stories or Bully Romances built into the premise. Sometimes there are also elements of Sports Romance, and some books in this particular niche also have some Paranormal elements, or have connections to the Magical Academy trend.
  • Single Dad and Pregnancy Kink, whether the baby is already on the seen or the plan is to make one, many of the books on the chart feature these tropes. Sometimes the hero is held up as an ideal father figure, which is part of the attraction for the woman, other times he is not and it is a plot point that character growth or a building relationship reveals this to the reader and the heroine. There is also a small selection fo Accidental Pregnancy books currently selling well, this shows that more could be done in this niche without the readership being exhausted.
  • Sports Romances in general, while there are some books with minor plot points in this theme in other niches, the books which are dedicated to this trope tend to concentrate on it to the exclusion of other niches. The man is usually the player of the sports, and often they are extremely wealthy and often in the public eye, which adds some suspense and drama to the story.
  • Fake Relationships, often occurring between character who know each other and are at least reasonably familiar with one another. Sometimes these couples are in Employer/Employee relationships, sometimes they are Friends to Lovers, or Enemies to Lovers, and sometimes they are having a Second Chance to fall in love. Often these books have a wider cast than some of the other books on the chart, since there has to be people for the couple to be acting for.
  • Alpha Males, surprisingly, there is very little in the way of Omegaverse this week, however this does not mean that this niche has disappeared. Alpha Males are those that are macho and commanding, and this is a very common trend throughout the books on offer.
  • Medical Romances are also proving popular, with more and more books with doctors catching the eye of readers. Often these books use the Medical Romance trope to build the setting and flesh out the characters, while bringing in a second trend or niche to develop the plot. Accidental Pregnancies and Second Chance stories are very common in this niche, since that gives the writer an instant gateway to goving the characters a reason to be around one another, in addition to whatever medical or work requirements they might be living with.
  • Small Town romances are also common, often in these books gossip and rumour is a major plot point. It is made clear that everyone knows all about each other, up until, that is, the required mysteries about one person or the other are useful for the plot.

While still set in a Contemporary setting, a lot of books this week are Mysteries with a Romantic subplot. As has been shown in other posts this week, Mysteries, Suspense, and Thrillers, are very common a the top of the charts. These books often have a female lead, and the murderer is frequently a serial killer or someone fulfilling a revenge plot.

In comparison, the Science Fiction books on the list are rather scarce this week, for all that they too are generally set in an approximation of the modern world. However, these stories tend to have stark differences between the real world and the one that they are portraying.

The little Paranormal Romance there is seems to be limited in it’s reach this week, while Magical Academy books are still represented, this seems to be mostly because it is near impossible to get them completely off the charts.

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