There are a lot of interesting niches and trends on the History Best Selling eBook charts this week, a lot of which we have seen before, and some we have not.

Most of the books on the list this week seem to come under the heading of American History. There are many niches under that and trends which readers are following, but a majority can be said to in some way be linked with American History. Of the readers not looking at American History, a majority seem to be interested in books about the Second World War, a niche that seems to be ever present on the list. These books are focused primarily on the people fighting to survive it, rather than those fighting it in the trenches. 

A second popular niche outside of American History is that of the events surrounding and leading up to Chernobyl. This has likely been helped into public awareness by the recent show which was watched by millions and roused the interest of many more. 

Connected to this in some ways is the third niche. That of Geographic history, or history focused on a single place or type of place. For example there is, Spain: A History, by, Melveena McKendrick, which looks at the history of a single place, Spain. But there is also, Notre-Dame: A Short History of the Meaning of Cathedrals, by, Ken Follett, which is up for pre-order and is doing well. Like with books about Chernobyl, the recent disaster at Notre Dame has likely helped inspire this book and helped to encourage people to buy it, showing that what often helps in this genre is the world outside the books. People have their interests raised in a topic and decide to do further research.

This is also true in those books that are about American History. Especially those books that are about the most recent history. Politics and political analysis books are very popular this week. This is understandable, like with disasters, people want something that explains what has happened and what the consequences are. Memoirs too fall under this heading, since people often want to hear from the horse’s mouth what is going on. There are also many Biographies which focus deeply on the lives of famous Americans, Presidents, Generals, and so on. Many of these books have a link to something currently in the news as well, or the stage in the case of the books on Alexander Hamilton which is still seeing the boost from the musical by Lin Manuel Miranda. After books about the current political state of the country, and Memoirs and Biographies, it is books about Cowboys that are the most populous trend. Some of these books are fictional, but many are not, and look deeply into the lives of the people who lived in that interesting era.

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