The eBook trends and niches selling best on the Science Fiction charts this week are pretty varied, while Apocalypses, Dystopias, and Space Battles are all on show, there are also some smaller niches and trends getting attention from the readers.

First off, the Apocalypses and Dystopias. These niches are often connected, since one tends to follow the other. This is the section of the genre that is most filled with books that are recognisably classics. From Margaret Atwood’s, A Handmaid’s Tale, to George Orwell’s, Animal Farm and 1984, to Pat Frank’s, Alas, Babylon, various ways of the world becoming horrendous for people to live in are explored. In these books the world’s potential to become more intolerant and biased is an important theme that is not allowed to be ignored. These books helped shape the genre, so it is no surprise that they are not only hugely popular, but hold many of the most common tropes and cliches of the genre. To put it bluntly, these books were the Patient Zero of many of these tropes. A hero fighting back against the enemy in power, autocratic governments, a lack of privacy, slogans of the powerful painted on to walls. These are just some of the ingredients that these books helped create.

However, to return to Patient Zero, a lot of the apocalyptic books this week are based on the idea of an apocalypse that is not shaped by human hands, but is instead the result of plagues. The Jakarta Epidemic, by Steven Konkoly, and various works by the prolific A. G. Riddle, all explore this idea. And in other biological dystopias, fertility and childbirth are also major themes in books like, The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, and Me Ellison’s, The Book of the Unnamed Midwife. 

Oddly enough, these themes of terrible diseases and infertility are also a part of the Science Fiction Romance on show. Often this is used as a means for the writer to explore Arranged Marriage stories and, in particular, Reverse Harems. Also popular in this part of the genre are books about Aliens falling for Human women. These too often have Reverse Harems and some darker themes around control of fertility.

Back to Non-Romantic Science Fiction, and the push by readers for Space Opera books and, in particular, ones that deal with battles and wars over exploration, is shaping the chart quite considerably. There are numerous books set in war torn galactic empires, and showing the results of humanity being invaded or attacked. This is clearly a very popular trend this week, Lindsay Buroker, in particular, has numerous books on the subject selling well.

Also, a surprising number of Science Fiction books with a secondary genre of Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense are also selling exuberantly this week. Everything from Murder Mysteries to Political Thrillers is on show and readers seem happy to get their hands on anything that scratches both the itch for a good, dark Mystery and some good Science Fiction. These books tend to be fairly dark and the threats are usually targeted at both the protagonist and the world in general.

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