This week’s Horror chart is filled with Fantasy and Paranormal books, while the traditional niches and trends of the genre seem to be relegated to the corners rather than being front and centre. The same can be said for a lot of other genres, as Horror seems to be a box ticked when people wish to show that their story has reached a level of dark, goriness that is not the norm of the genre it is in. 

In the Mystery Horror niche, the protagonists are not certain to find their murderer or even survive doing so once they have. There tends to be a lot more focus on the blood and crime scenes, and serial killers are frequently spotted between the pages of these books. Sometimes they are the point of view characters. Similarly, in the Horror genre if a Fantasy book pops up, this can be read as a disclaimer that the story is violent, dark, and that protagonists may not win, or may not be the good guys.

Paranormal books are likewise a darker and gorier version of their regular Romantic selves. And generally the Romance gives way to Erotica if the book is still holding onto any part of that genre at all. However, Vampires are a more common sight here than they are elsewhere in the Paranormal genre, though even here Shape Shifters are apparently a more popular option.

Supernatural Horror combined with Suspense has had a bit of an uptick in readership this week, helping this along is Dean Koontz’s, Life Expectancy. In it a boy is born the same night his grandfather dies, and the same night that that grandfather gave a chilling prophecy about the boy’s life. Likewise, T. F. Allen’s, The Night Janitor, is a story about a young man who can heal with a touch, being hunted by his sister who can kill with one. It is interesting that both of these books feature hospitals in the premise, as well as magic powers. However, it is a step away from the modern hospital as a setting for the book by Alma Katsu, The Hunger, which has a similar tone mixing the supernatural with suspense, but is set during the days of Pioneers and American Wagon Trains. These books which blend supernatural horror with suspense are doing very well and appear to be a steadily growing niche in the market. Of course, this is not a new niche, but it is interesting to see it growing once more.

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