This week in Non-Fiction the main focus of the readers seems to have been on History and Memoir, with a little set aside for Self-Help, Recipes, and books on Decor. This is quite a significant change from the previous niches and trends that were doing well, since this week there is very little with any connection to Modern American History which has usually been of high interest to readers.

In History, there is little in the chart that does not also double as a Memoir or Biography. What there is, seems to be focused on the Cowboy era of American History, or on History linked to a specific Geographical place, and doubles as a travel to do list for those with a love for historically important places. Melveena McKendrick’s, Spain: A History, and John Davis’, Venice: A History are examples of this. In Cowboy History, the best example is likely Stephen E Ambrose’s, Crazy Horse and Custer: The Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors, though this leans heavily into Biography territory.

Turning, then, to the Biography and Memoir Niche, it is clear to see that this is very popular, partly because of the breadth of options open to readers. There are books on Civil War Generals, Grant, by Ron Chernow, and by Modern Political Powers, like Michelle Obama’s, Becoming, there are books by those who have survived incredible hardship, and books about those who have gained incredible wealth. There is essentially books about everything and by nearly everyone, thus providing readers of every kind a book to read. Generally speaking, there do seem to be more books about women in the chart this week in this niche, especially women who have escaped brutal or abusive lives.

In Self-Help this week a lot of the books are dealing with a person’s wish to be more focused or have better organisation skills. From books on how to improve your memory, to how to better understand your mind’s weaknesses, and how to cope with mental health issues, it is clear that readers this week are focused more on improving their internal selves, rather than their external selves. This is particularly clear when you take into account the number of books on personal economics, whether it is through personal budgeting that you are encouraged to save your money, or whether it is through the re-organising of your home, like in Roberta Sandenbergh’s, Small Space Living: Expert Tips and Techniques on Using Closets, Corners, and Every Other Space in Your Home, which seeks to help people live more efficiently in smaller spaces, thus meaning that they do not have to seek larger and more expensive homes that they might struggle to afford. There is also a push towards minimalism, with books like Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff, by Myquillyn Smith.

The recipe books on offer this week are primarily focused on quick, easy, and healthy meals, though Betty Crocker’s Vintage Recipes are also on offer, which may mean that nostalgia and name recognition is winning out in that case.

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