The LGBT+ books on offer in the Best Selling charts this week are mostly Romances. I tend to say this every week, however, this week it is even more true than in weeks previous to this. Outside of Romance the niches and trends on offer for the curious to look at are very minor. They are;

  • Literary Novels,
  • Memoirs,
  • Fiction that mimics Memoirs,
  • Fiction with a focus on family life,
  • Travel Diaries,
  • Japanese culture from an outsider’s perspective,
  • And Historical Novels.

This looks like a substantial list when it is written out in this way, however each niche is represented by no more than two or three books, and most of those books apply to more than one niche. This obviously contracts the number of books in total by quite a significant amount.

In contrast, there is a vast number of niches and trends in the LGBT+ Romance arena to choose from. Though, it should be pointed out, that the majority of the books reference only the G part of the acronym, with few books representing Lesbians or any other part of the community. But of the Gay Romances on offer there are many details to be picked over by interested parties.

By far the most popular niche of the week is Shape Shifter and Omegaverse fiction. Usually these two trends are combined, but it is not always the case. These books are generally part of the Paranormal Romance genre, and will occasionally feature more magical creatures outside of Werewolves and other Shape Shifters. Some of these books are set in Magical Realist worlds, others in more Fantasy rich worlds, and some in Science Fiction settings. MPreg is not a common trope even here, but this is the most common set of niches to find it in when it is found.

Kinks, BDSM, and Taboo elements are another popular set of niches, with Daddy Kink, a favourite for readers this week. These books obviously have some of the highest levels of heat in the genre and focus their plots more on the bedroom scenes than on the relationships between characters.

Another trend this week is that of Royalty, in particular, tropes focused on the idea of mismatched pairs, or Enemies to Lovers, are particularly popular in this niche. Beside this, in an inter-connected niche, is that of the attractive European Man, usually being compared to an American man who is put forward as the boring and normal one in the relationship. Also an important trope in this area, is the couple having a distinct power imbalance between them, one of them having political, societal, and monetary power over the other.

Finally, this week there has been a clear uptick in the number of books featuring doctors or other medical personnel. These books tend to have medical drama as a secondary plot, and are very similar, in some ways, to the also popular Men in Uniform trend that is continuing this week.

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