We posted our first LitRPG post this week, LitRPG (or GameLit) is a very popular genre at the moment, one which is regularly found everywhere from Teen and Young Adult to Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance. It’s also finding a lot of audience at the movies too. Ready, Player, One really helped steer people’s attention to this relatively unknown genre. There is a pretty substantial split in the styles of the genre, on the one side, you have the books that are more aligned with the fantasy genre, while on the other side of the divide there are books where the genre is more of a vehicle for Erotica. Interestingly, these books are one of the genres of erotica most clearly targeted towards straight men, there is very little LitRPG Erotica targeted towards women, or LGBT+ people, and that may be an opening in the market.

In General Fiction, however, the majority seems to be focused on women. Significant amounts of the chart were given over to Women’s Fiction, and even more of what was leftover was Romance. History was also a popular choice for readers this week, especially books about WW2 and the civilians and spies who survived it. History, in fact, was very focused on books about people who are traditionally forgotten about, from Jim Crow era schoolboys, to the wet nurse of French Princesses. Also, Mystery, Suspense, And Thriller books are selling well, Serial Killers are very popular this week, as are Police Investigators.

In Non-Fiction, there are several key trends for people to take notice of. Recipe books are very popular, especially those written by well known and popular chefs. There is also a lot of memoir and biography on the chart, but not all of it is of famous people, instead, people who have politically relevant stories to tell have been encouraged to tell their tales. Nature Writing is also proving popular, with books on ecology and the environment selling well.

The LGBT topic also has a broad readership and as broad a number of niches and sub-genres as the other umbrella topics. Lots of Fiction, especially books posing as memoirs, lots of Romance, and a surprising amount of Science Fiction and Fantasy is there.

Fantasy and Science Fiction are also doing well in their own genre charts, where a surprising amount of books are dwelling on the theme of fertility and female power. Even more popular, however, is that old favourite, Magical Academy books. It’s becoming so popular a niche it is very close to breaking away and becoming its own genre in and of itself. A lot of the books in these genres appear to be returning to classic niches, Sword and Sorcery, Military Science Fiction, for example. Romance in these genres is also popular, helped along by the fact that many books in these genres nominate Romance as a secondary genre.

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