Hi folks, this was a part of the weekly newsletter we posted out to our subscribers this week, but we felt like sharing the love. Tell us in the comment section if you have read the books we’ve named, or if you’ve also had your eye on them!

This week we are loving Memoirs, Biographies, and Science Fiction!

Annejet van der Zijl’s books, The Boy Between Worlds, and, An American Princess, are both books that we have been writing about a lot. They are consistently placing in high spots in the charts and we are writing about them in a half dozen posts every week. After writing about these books so much we are very tempted to buy them ourselves! Another Memoir we want to read is Nicole Chung’s, All You Can Ever Know. This isn’t one we’ve written about on the website, but we’ve seen so many fantastic reviews on the web about it that we are pretty keen to take a look.

The other genre catching our eye is Science Fiction, and boy is there a lot of books to choose from! Martha Well’s Murderbot is a fantastic character and the four books on the series are all books we want to have a read of. The press and memorials over the Apollo missions this past while have also helped draw our eyes to the Alternate History book, The Calculating Stars, by Mary Robinette Kowal.

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