The Science Fiction Romance chart is dividing itself pretty cleanly between the Science Fiction books that have Romance in them and the books that are Science Fiction Romances. The biggest trends and niches of the week are mostly dealing with the differences between those two categories, though there are plenty of other ones on show.

The top three books in the Science Fiction Romance chart this week are all by A. G. Riddle, and there’s another five mixed in with the rest of the top fifty. These books are primarily Hard Science Fiction, with Military themes, Thriller elements, and Apocalypses at every corner. It is impossible to sweep this prolific and popular writer to the side in this niche, despite the fact that the books are not particularly Romantic.

A lot of books this week are selling well with the Reverse Harem trope. Because of the fact that this trope can be applied to many different types of story it has a wide range of trends and niches under it. There are lots of Shape Shifter novels, Aliens, Dystopia and Apocalypse fiction, in this category, but there are some commonalities. Generally the heroes are in a position of authority and power over the woman, there are some that use Arranged Marriage tropes, or Marriage of Convenience tropes, but most of all the relationships are based on the woman being bought or traded for, or being hunted, by the male protagonists. Obviously, these books tend to have very high heat levels and BDSM elements.

Also popular this week is the continued trend of the male protagonists being Alpha Male Warriors and Aliens, who protect the female protagonists from threats. A lot of these protagonists are from high tech societies, who nonetheless use hand to hand and classical weapons like swords or tridents. Some are not, but in these cases the woman usually is and it is through an accident or misadventure that she ends up in their company. These books sometimes involve Fated Mate plot lines, or Forced Mate plots, and are regularly also Reverse Harem stories. BDSM and other Dark Romance elements are popular in this niche.

Invasion Fantasies are also still popular, these are stories where an alien force takes over the Earth or a similar planet, forcing the humans to live under their rule. These often feature stories where women are given up as “tribute” or as hostages to their overlords. Again, Dark Romance and BDSM elements are popular here.

Space Opera stories are less popular this week, with space ships or stations as settings finding less purchase with readers. However this is not universal, a new trend for “Zero-G Romances” is becoming popular. These are novels where the lack of gravity in space is used in sex scenes, in case you were wondering. Often they have a Pseudo-Science reason for the cast’s decision to have sex in such conditions.

In short, Science Fiction Romance is using a lot of Dark Romance tropes this week, and the readers seem interested in books which make use of their Sci Fi settings. These are both things to think about if you are writing in this genre.

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