This week in Romance it is Contemporary Romance that is ruling over the best seller’s charts. Some Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance has sneaked on as well, and History has a couple of contenders for high spots, but it is overwhelmingly Contemporary Romance that is the most popular of the trends and niches on display.

There are many smaller trends and niches within Contemporary Romance that are also selling well, and it shows that the niches that do best are often the ones where as many sub-niches and trends as possible can be included under them to help boost it to bigger and better heights. This week the niches are;

  • Mafia Romance, often these books also include Dark Romance elements, as well as BDSM, Enemies to Lovers, Marriages of Convenience, and many more,
  • High School or College Romance, which typically involves, Reverse Harems, Bully Romances, and Enemies to Lovers plots,
  • Sports Romance, these have a lot of Millionaire and Billionaires in them, as well as Alpha Heroes and Second Chance Relationships,
  • Fake Relationships and Relationships of Convenience, are proving popular, many of these involve Second Chance Relationships and Employee/Employer relationships,
  • Small Town Romances, these tend to have a lot of Second Chance Relationships, Accidental Baby, Single Dad, Sibling’s Best Friend/Best Friend’s Sibling books too,
  • And one fun trend that seems to be picking up steam is that of Bakeries and Bakers being the settings and protagonists of books.

Another niche doing well this week is the Murder Mystery with Romance, niche. Some of these are Cozy Mysteries, but many are quite dark and align more with the Thriller or Suspense side of the Mystery, Suspense, Thriller category. Jana DeLeon’s book, Cajun Fried Felony, is on the cozy side of the spectrum, working as it does amidst the tropes of small town life. Meanwhile, A Merciful Death, by Kendra Elliot, is an example of books with a darker, more Thriller, tone, given that the main character is an FBI investigator.

Breaking away from even those niches linked to Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance is on the chart in a few small ways. Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series is no mystery to readers of Historical Romance, and to further elucidate the series, readers can pick up The Outlandish Companion Volume Two: The Companion to The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, An Echo in the Bone, and Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. And, funnily enough, Outlander is not the only Time Travel Historical Romance on the chart this week, as Amy Harmon’s, What the Wind Knows, is also doing well.

In Paranormal Romance it is the turn of the Fae AND Shape Shifters to take control this week, as most of the books doing well have both, rather than one or the other. Sea and water based creatures and Fae are also popular with readers and it appears that reptilian monsters are too, even beyond the usual fascination with dragons.

 Science Fiction has been reduced in its hold on the chart this week, most of those books that remain on the chart are best sellers in the general Science Fiction chart and have crossed over to this one via a Romantic sub-plot, rather than it being the primary genre of the book.

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