The Niches and Trends of the Bestselling Horror Books this week are incredibly varied and few of the books on the list appear to fit the stereotypical view of a Horror book or tale. Instead, the books are predominantly from these genres;

  • LitRPG
  • Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Apocalypse and Dystopian Fiction

This shows that Horror is more often used as secondary genre or sub-genre than the prevailing one. Often it is used to indicate a certain tone or level of goriness, rather than a genre or list of plot points that they might have in common.

The growth of LitRPG is notable this week in the Horror Genre, most especially because from a brief overview these books do not appear to have very much in common with the genre. There are a lot of Harems, a lot of Sexually Explicit stories, and given the genre it is probably that there is a lot of physical violence as well. While this is not the rule for all LitRPG novels, the vast majority of these books in the Horror charts this week are written for a male audience, this is shown through the Male Point of View being the primary one and the fact that the majority of women in these books appear to be sexualized. It is telling that the secondary genre the authors and publishers of these books have selected is Horror, instead of Paranormal Romance, despite this perhaps being a better fit. There is a perceived bias against Paranormal Romance by Male readers, so this might be why Horror was chosen instead.

After LitRPG, comes Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense, which as a sub-genre of the Horror genre has a lot of influence and power. Serial killers are the main focus, with the general goriness of the stories dialled up, which explains the inclusion of Horror as a sub-genre. Typically featuring a Professional Investigator, often a Forensic Scientist is in the cast somewhere so as to give the author more of a chance to show off the blood and gore in the crime. The serial killer will frequently turn their attention to the investigator or someone close to them, which increases the suspense in the story as the investigator no longer has to just find the killer to bring them to justice, but also to save their life.

While Science Fiction and Fantasy are also represented in the chart this week it is to much less degree than the genres listed above, and in fact most of those doing well in the Horror chart can be found in the charts for their respective primary genre. This is especially true of the Apcalyptic or Dystopian novels which are generally rather dark in their tone and thus are more readily accepted under the Horror umbrella. This underlines the fact that a majority of the Horror books with Science Fiction or Fantasy genres as primary or secondary genres are perhaps in the top of the Horror charts by accident, more than by intention.

However, this is not always the case. The new Disorder series, put out by Amazon is predominantly a Horror series, the books in the series also use Science Fiction and Fantasy settings to build up their world and create threats for the readers to encounter. The series has books by many authors, some accustomed to Horror and some Debuting, and the reviews are mixed to say the least. Anyone wanting to look in depth into the Horror genre on Amazon would do well to read these and the reviews to see what the readers say, since these are some of he cheapest and most publicised books in the Horror genre they give you a good overview of the genre itself.

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