This week in Fantasy, series and authors with plenty of books in their catalogue have taken over the charts. And in addition to this books with Paranormal aspects (with and without the Romance that normally accompanies it) have been popular with readers as have Magical Academy Books. Interestingly, the favoured magical species this week seem to be Fae or Elves, which is not always the case. Plus, Magical Realism seems to be increasing in popularity, so expect plenty of witches, wizards, and mages of all kinds.

First off, the Harry Potter and Harley Merlin (by J. K. Rowling and Bella Forrest, respectively) books are still selling well and making up a generous portion of the chart, just these two series alone are more than a quarter of the top fifty, and that’s not even counting the half dozen other books from other authors and series that are also Magical Academy books. Magical Academy books are selling well to put it mildly. There are more in depth analyses of Magical Academy books elsewhere on the website (here and here, for example) so follow those links for more information on these niches.

Chandler Klang Smith’s, The Sky Is Yours, is a Magical Realism book set in a world where Reality Show Contestants are as prevalent as Dragons, and where adventures are easily found if not as easily won. Conspiracy, murder, drugs and dragons, it can all be read about in this book that seems to be returning to last week’s push for Humorous and Satirical Fantasy. Also in this tone is Tim Pratt’s, Heirs of Grace, where a young woman inherits a small fortune and a house, a house filled with magical items, and which has unknown relatives gunning for her so that they might get those items instead of her.

The Handmaid’s Tale is still on the list, and it is being joined by a book which some reviewers see strong links between. The Bees, by Laline Paull, is a novel more obviously inspired by the insects of the title, featuring a world where only one woman (the Queen) has children and the worship of her is as mandated as any religion. As a fantasy novel it appears to be quite original and to be interrogating topics which have been covered in great deal, but from a very different angle. It is also a part of the continuing trend of young women going up against their indoctrination and the rules of their homes.

In Sword and Sorcery, the prime example is Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher series, there are multiple books in the series on the list and attention is hardly likely to fall from them with the upcoming Netflix show. This also ticks off a tally mark in the Fae/Elf box, as the books feature those quite heavily.

The more Romantic side of the chart is similarly filled with elves, pushing the normal inundation of werewolves and shape shifters out of this week’s focus. Such books as, Trial by Fae, by Linsey Hall, are a good example.

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