This week has seen the shake up of  numerous genres on the list, even while others stick to what they are known for. There is plenty of evidence that the outside world still has a massive impact on the wants of readers and on some of the lists this week you can see that rather plainly!

The Fiction charts still show readers having a firm preference for Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller books. There are a lot of books on the list which feature professional investigators and the Paranormal Cozy trend of previous weeks has mostly disappeared. Some Science Fiction books with Mystery elements have risen to take their place, but not to the same degree. Women’s Fiction is taking a lot of the weight of the missing Cozy books, the general theme of a physical or emotional journey showing a new way of life to the main character still being very popular. This week there has been a surprise increase in the number of books selling in the African American Fiction niche. This is also reflected in some of the other genres on show this week.

In Non-Fiction the majority of the books on the chart are either Self-Help books of some sort, some are about mental health, some about physical health, and some give advice on improving someone’s ability to charm or lead people. There is also a fairly large selection of recipe books, though this week they are mostly focused on healthy eating which is a bit of a change. Memoirs and biographies are focused either on people in the midst of terrible scandal, political or social, or people for whom there is a lot of respect.

In History this week the most popular niche is American History and it takes up almost all of the chart, leaving little room for fiction or other niches and trends. There is a selection of Cowboy and Western books, which is a continuing trend, but there is a surprising lack of books on the Second World War. What there is in this niche is almost entirely about those surviving under occupation, there is a distinct lack of books about the military side of the war.

Science Fiction, meanwhile, is split between Apocalypse and Dystopian based novels, and Space Opera and Space Military novels. If it takes place on a planet then its a pretty good chance the story is taking place after the fall of civilisation, and if it takes place in space then space battles and exploration are going to be major themes instead. 

In Fantasy this week it is Political Intrigue and Monster Hunting that are most popular, at least once you’ve set aside the vast numbers of Magical Academy books readers are buying. Humour and Satirical Fantasy are also selling well, though with less breadth across the chart than the other niches. A lot of popular Fantasy classics are back, from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter to the legend of Circe from Greek Mythology, and this shows that a lot of readers may be looking for something familiar to read or reread.

The trend of Magical Academy books has continued so strongly this week that we wrote a post giving authors some advice on how to write and plan their own Magical Academy book. We plan to do similar articles in the future, so if you have a niche you want to see get similar treatment feel free to leave a comment telling us about it!

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