The Fiction Charts this week have been showing a clear fondness for books in the Mystery, Thriller and Suspense category. There are many different styles being represented in this bracket, from Cozy Mysteries, to Hard Boiled Mysteries, to all manner of of Private and Police Detectives. Some of these books deal with very dark scenes and a lot of death, gore, and violence, but others focus on tamer mysteries that are less likely to turn a reader’s stomach. Sara Paretsky’s, Guardian Angel: A V. I. Warshawski Novel, is a classic of the genre, with Unions and local political issues being an added level of threat and intrigue for the heroine, Detective V. I. Warshawski. The Price of Time, by Tim Tigner, is still holding onto a good spot on the list, showing the continued interest in Silicon Valley means that fictional accounts are also being given a boost from it. But, above all, the trend for books about Serial Killers is still holding strong. 

Women’s Fiction is also doing well, with the main themes of the genre still being the exploration of a person’s past and figuring out their future. Kerry Lonsdale’s, Last Summer, follows a famous journalist as she investigates the truth behind her own life after a traumatic injury where she lost a pregnancy and the memories of that pregnancy. Secrets and intrigue abound, showing that this is one trend not likely to disappear any time soon.

Science Fiction is being represented by multiple books, from Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, a book that needs no introduction to regular readers of this website, but Space Opera is also popular, with Aftershocks, from The Palladium Wars series, and Marko Kloos. A. G. Riddle still has multiple books on the list, showing that Thrillers with Science Fiction elements and Science Fiction with Thriller elements are still selling well.

Madeline Miller’s, Circe, is still selling well. This is part of a continued trend that shows heroines are proving more and more popular in some niches, such as History and retellings.

Also a forever favourite is Romance, which seems to grow by the variety and number every time we close our eyes for more than a moment. This week, Mafia Romances, Dark Romances, Employer/Employee Romances, and Marriages of Convenience are all represented on the chart.

An interesting new trend is for a specific niche in the Historic Novel category, that of African American History. Colson Whitehead’s two books in this niche are, The Nickel Boys, and The Underground Railroad. The first follows the lives of two boys living in the Jim Crow Era, and one the life of an escaped slave in Pre-Civil War America. These books give voices to those who have been stripped of their voices by history, and could show a powerful trend in the charts.

So, lots to be seen in the Fiction Charts this week. There are some new niches popping up, but over all the same books and trends seem to be popular this week as was last week. Colson Whitehead’s books are among the only significant changes to be seen.

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