Hi folks, well there is an awful lot to talk about this week, so we’ll be taking a little longer to get to the weekly round up of what’s popular in the eBook charts.

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And it’s really not what you are probably interested in hearing about, so let’s talk about that instead!

This week on the website there were some interesting shake-ups to the niches and trends. 

In the LGBT eBooks category, there has been a massive increase in the proportion of the charts given over to Romance. There is still some fiction other than Romance present, but everything else has been almost entirely swept off the board, there is still a little bit of Memoir, but it is in the single digits now. There has been a boost to one particular trend, that of Romances featuring American and British characters. These characters are generally as cliche as possible, to make their interactions as humorous as can be. Most of the Romance is between M/M couples, with all the other parts of the community left out. 

Our new Horror Genre post has shown some interesting trends this week, apparently Horror is something of  a sticky genre, since it can be applied to hundreds of different book niches and styles. Everything from LitRPG to Paranormal Romance popped up in the charts. But, what was most comfortable in its spot on the Horror Chart this week, is the Apocalyptic and Post Apocalyptic niches. Despite the expectation you might have for this, these were not generally books about zombie apocalypses, or Day of the Triffids rewrites, instead many of these books were instead reflecting on the violent and cruel nature of humanity. It seems that Horror is still analysing the idea that Humans are the greatest threat.

American History was leading the History charts this week. Lots of Political Memoirs were doing well, as were Cowboy Novels. There was a little True Crime on show, but not as much as other weeks. Spies were also proving popular, with books about the fight against the Nazis in WW2 heavily featuring this trend. Also read a lot were books on the survival of Jewish families living under the Nazi Regime.

In Teen and Young Adult, there is a continuing trend for Magical Academy Books, these usually feature Romantic, Fantasy, and Thriller elements, as well as often having Mystery and Paranormal elements added to the mix. Outside of the Magical Academy Book niche, the genres stand under heir own weight. Fantasy is proving popular in this genre, and there is a resurgence in Teenage Private Investigators. Lots of Literary Fiction as well, showing that no one should be worrying about young  people not reading enough “quality” books, whatever “quality” means anyway. 

Kids Books are showing what a good marketing office can do, as books with star and brand power have practically taken over. Outside of these, books about adjusting to changes in your life, either subtly or bluntly, seem to be doing very well, showing that this seems to be a message that readers and their parents are finding important this week. Also, cats seem to be one of the most popular animals to feature in picture books.

Magic rules the roost in Fantasy this week, with Cozy/Cosy Mysteries taking the lead. Witches are proving incredibly popular, and cross easily between the Magical Realism and Just Plain Magic sides of the genre. Alternate histories are gaining a little ground here, but mostly it is Magical Academy Books, again, doing well, and classic Fantasy novels. This last category is one of the more nebulous ones, but generally speaking it does seem to show a continued popularity for novels where Sword and Sorcery is used to fight Evil Kings and Dark Emperors.

In Science Fiction, the readership seems keen on Space, Aliens, and Space Battles. Lots of Invasion narratives and people being Abducted. Interestingly, quite a few books have been doing well which showcase a blending of Fantasy and Science Fiction with, for example, space witches. Also popular are Robots, and philosophy heavy stories about surviving war and the grief that comes after.

Memoirs are popular in Non-Fiction, but unlike in previous weeks, the focus is more heavily on civilians who have lived interesting lives. Self Help is as popular as ever, while Recipe books are concentrating more on healthiness instead of tastiness.

Oddly, while the WW2 interest has reduced somewhat in the History charts, in General Fiction it remains quite high. Women’s Fiction seems particularly tied to the idea of rediscovering yourself, or your family, and of Family Sagas in particular. Mystery, Thriller and Suspense books are doing very well. They still make up a significant proportion of the General Fiction chart.

Meanwhile, there is enough going on in Romance to fill a dozen posts, but I will try to make do with a single paragraph. Shape Shifter Romances have become more of a paranormal Romance niche than a Romance niche, and Vampires are being almost forgotten. Dark Romances, with BDSM elements and various Taboo kinks are all becoming more popular. The trend for Dark Heroes in the Mafia is staying popular, While Alpha Males and Omegaverse books are growing in popularity too. Marriages of Conveniences and Second Chances are very popular across all the genres. Meanwhile, the Gothic Romance niche is very full this week, with many of the books in the main Romance category and a lot of the most popular sub categories all being equally at home there as well. In History the usual suspects are still popular, Regency Romances, Cowboys, and Highlanders, all getting plenty of attention.

So, what to say. Some surprises, but generally things are continuing on much as usual. Though, you will notice that Magical Academy Books are doing their best to infect the chart for just about every genre. Expect to see them turning up in the most unexpected spots in the future.

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