In the LGBT Book Chart this week, the majority of the space on the chart has been saved for Romance, with a little left over for Memoir, and an even smaller amount left over for the rest of book-kind.

The Romances on offer run from Sweet and Low Heat, to Erotica with multiple partners and kinks. Though the latter is definitely preferred for the M/M books. Here, Royalty is a low level trend, with Single Dads, BDSM, and Menage, stories doing better. Alpha Males, Shape Shifters, and Omegaverse, are doing the best, out of what is on offer. The shapes of shape shifters are pretty varied with Wolves, Bears, Dragons, and many more.

The number of F/F books is pretty low, the majority is definitely M/M with a few multi partner books of different gender mixes on show. F/F tends to have lower heat levels, more Romantic, with the trends there more along the lines of Holiday Romance, Second Chances, Friends to Lovers, and things like that.

Interestingly, one of the major trends on show this week in the Sweet Romance categories is that of Romances between British and American people, with the cliche’s of both countries dialled up to eleven. This is seen in Red, White, and Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston, and A Shot at Love, by T. B. Markinson.

Taboo books are still selling well, mostly these feature Daddy Kink, and in particular books in which there lots of short stories packed into a single book.

Outside of Romance, Neil S. Plakcy’s, The Next One Will Kill You: An Angus Green Novel, is representing LGBT Mystery, practically by itself. Since it is hitting very high on the list this might represent an opportunity for writers to work in this niche. 

Kate Mascarenhas is also alone in representing her niche, The Psychology of Time Travel. Which is interesting, given that I am fairly certain several of the books in this week’s Science Fiction featured characters who come under the acronym, LGBT+, and so they should be showing up here, too. This means that either those books have not been labelled accurately and so have been removed from the pool here, or that the different scales of success for these two charts are wildly different and something that can hit well on the Science Fiction Chart cannot succeed here. Personally, I am leaning towards the former reason. So a good reminder to writers and publishers, forgetting to label your books correctly can mean they won’t hit a smaller chart and so you will miss out on the chance to get the benefits of being a Best Seller in that niche or genre.

The Lie: A Memoir of Two Marriages, Catfishing & Coming Out, by William Dameron, is still selling well and appears to have actually grown n popularity over the last week. This shows that Memoirs are still fairly popular, and that funny ones with a shocking plot will do well.

And that is mostly it from the LGBT books on show this week, mostly it seems to be Romance and Erotica, and there is not much space for anything else on the shelves.

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