Some interesting twists and turns in the Science Fiction Romance eBooks of the week, some niches are still doing well while some new ones have risen quickly.

The most obvious niche that is doing well is that of Alien Romances. Every other book on the list seems to feature a human woman and an alien man (or men, as the case may be). Often these books feature one of the following niches or trends;

  • Fated Mates, or Soul Mates, often these include Love at First Sight, or at least, Lust at First Sight,
  • Alpha/Omega, the Alpha tends to be in a position of privilege or political power over the Omega,
  • Alpha Males and Warrior Males, Alien species often have strict gender rules ensuring that all Male characters are Alpha Warriors of some sort,
  • Auctions, Hunting, Capture, or Abduction Fantasies, again positions where the heroine is in a less privileged or powerful position than the hero,
  • Reverse Harems, often set in worlds with reduced male fertility or where women are very rare,
  • Virgin Women/Experienced Men, this underlines the common theme of a powerful man with a vulnerable woman.

This niche also features a lot of stories where Aliens have taken over Planet Earth, or have some sort of hold over the people, and so can demand “Tribute” from the planet in the form of women. Non-Earth Planets are also included in this, but to a lesser degree.

Space Pirates are also a popular plot feature, either the young woman is rescued from Space Pirates by a brave alien warrior she then falls for, or the Space Pirate is the one she ends up falling for. Again, Reverse Harems are popular in this niche, as is BDSM and Alpha/Omega.

One interesting niche that is rising up the charts this week is that of Caveman Fantasy. In this genre that usually means that the woman is a space faring person who crashes on a planet which has not reached similar heights of science. She will go on to be rescued from a violent threat by the hero or heroes, this threat is often a wild animal, dinosaur, or other men, and is kept safe and defended over the course of the story. These stories definitely align with the trend for Alpha Males and Warrior Males, and often feature BDSM and Reverse Harems.

A lot of books this week are labelling themselves as “Dark Omegaverse” stories. Also popular is the Early Star Trek Alien Style, that is people who are almost entirely humanoid, except they are blue or green, or have horns, or odd eyebrow ridges, or scales. This allows cover artists to use the same photos that they would normally, with only a little difference in colour or image editing. It is likely also popular, because it means the reader can be assured that the anatomy of the alien will not be too different from what they can see in their imagination.

Also, almost every book on the list this week has a very cold tone to its cover. White, black, blue, and green all being used. This means that the few covers using warmer tones in reds, yellows, and oranges, are far more striking and easier to pick out of the crowd.

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