This week in Paranormal Romance the Magical Academy trend is starting to slow, and other niches and trends are beginning to catch up and take over.

First off, the Magical Academy trend is shrinking, but not dead entirely. In these books there is a definite preference for Reverse Harem and Bully Romances, with lots of Alpha Males, and Love Triangles. Some sort of threat, against the world or the individuals, is normally the plot around which everything else is based, and the main character is normally an outsider, or new to the magical world that the story takes place in. Witches are popular in this niche, as well as Shape Shifters and Fae. Vampires are still proving less popular than they have in the past, but there is a slight presence on the chart, proving that undead they might be, but they are not entirely dead. The books selling best in this niche this week are, Bella Forrest’s, Harley Merlin Series, Serena Akeroyd’s, The Caelum Trilogy, and Meg Xeumei X’s, Half-Blood Academy Series.

“Half-Blood” is a popular phrase this week, with the similar “Cross-Breed” also picking up readers for Moonstruck, by Dannika Dark, which is the seventh book in her Cross-Breed Series. This book is a good example of the “typical” Paranormal Romance Novel, there is a mystery or threat for the characters to follow, the main character is a young woman living on the outskirts of both human and Paranormal societies, and there is plenty of Romance and Romantic Drama and Angst on offer. This is one of the rare examples where Vampires are getting their moment in the moonlight, though the protagonist is also half mage. Pre-orders for J. R. Ward’s, Where Winter Finds You, are perhaps soaking up a lot of the interest, since her well known vampire series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, may be taking the focus of the big vampire romance fans.

Vampires are swept aside however, in the flood of Shape Shifters which are filling the charts. There is a lot more variety than previous weeks in the different creatures people can turn into, as well as wolves, bears, tigers, and dragons, there are alligators also up for grabs. This can be found in T. S. Joyce’s, Swim Deeper.

Dark Romance is a popular niche this week, with high levels of Heat, and Marriages of Convenience that show all the advantage is on the man’s side. Also poplar are Alpha Males, of course, and Warrior Males, though in this genre women are also encouraged to fight in some of the books, though they tend to take more of a distant position using spells, archery, or thrown weapons more often.

Alpha/Omega stories, are selling well this week. Most of these are matched with Shape Shifter Romances, as well as Reverse Harem and varying levels of Dark Romance and BDSM.  Fated Mates are practically a go to with Alpha/Omega stories, but Forced Mates are also proving popular. This ties in with the popularity of Auctions, Hunting Fantasies, and Abduction Fantasies, as well. Generally speaking, a lot of these stories also feature some sort of Second Chance narrative, though it is generally not as obvious as some of the other elements.

Box sets of completed series are doing well, showing that readers can still be tempted with a good deal. But all in all not much has changed over the last week, except for that surprise boost in Vampire Romances, and the inclusion of Alligators to the Shape Shifter animals of choice. One thing that is interestingly clear, however, is that readers prefer to read books where the protagonist is a young woman, and that she has less power in the relationship than her hero. Often this means literal magical power, but this can also be political power, too.

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