This week in Romance it is the turn of Contemporary Romance to take the lead. Other genres are being pushed to the edges, but can still be found in some spots. Mostly, however, there seems to be a trend towards Romance being a secondary plot for Mysteries and Thrillers, rather than being the primary plot.

Books set in a realistic version of the modern world are filling the carts this week, from One Night Stands with Dad’s Best Friend (this is a trend proving very popular this week), like in Business or Pleasure, by Raquel Belle, to Second Chance stories featuring Younger Man/Older Woman relationships, like in All Grown Up, by Vi Keeland. This shows that often readers are not too fussed about the setting, and just want to get down to business. Plus, writing in the First Person (such as, “I did this”) is also proving surprisingly popular. Part of this might be because both these stories feature Mistaken or Hidden Identities, and by keeping the story from one point of view things are more easily hidden from the character and the reader. Also popular this week is Marriages of Convenience and Marriage Pacts. These tend to also incorporate some kind of Second Chance narrative as well. 

Some of these stories are sweet tales of young love returning, like Only Ever You, by C D Reiss, but others are much darker and feature Blackmail Relationships, or relationships based on deals where the woman is at a clear disadvantage, like the Dark Mafia Romance series by Stasia Black which tends to frequently draw from this trend. Accidental Baby Acquisition is also being used on a frequent basis, as are Marriages of Convenience aimed towards having children.

Employer/Employee relationships, mixed of course with Millionaire and Billionaire heroes, are also very popular this week, with varying levels of Heat. There are also a lot of elements of BDSM in these books in particular, as well as Fake Relationships, and Alpha Males.

Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance are not as popular this week as they have been previously. There are very reduced numbers of both sub genres in the charts, and oddly enough, the one Shifter Romance that has managed to fight its way through to the top fifty, is not one featuring the usual species of shifter, it is not wolf, bear, any form of giant cat, or even a dragon, but an alligator. This shows that perhaps readers are looking for more original stories in this niche than they have been before, either that or the oddness of T.S. Joyce’s, Swim Deeper, has helped pull it from the depths.

This week Military Romance, or Men in Uniform Romance, has really slipped down the pecking order, there are limited numbers of books featuring it, and it is a far cry from last week’s heights. In Riley Edwards’, Thaddeus (Special Forces: Operation Alpha), that it is Military Romance is not as important as the fact that it is a Second Chances story, with the characters showing a long history of betrayal and angst.

So, what to take from this week? Romance seems to be fairly focused on stories about Second Chances and Marriages of Convenience, the trend for Shifter Romances has almost disappeared off the charts along with Military Romance, and the world seems to be upside down and back to front. But, Employers and Billionaires are still doing well, so somethings still make sense in this confusing world.

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