Science Fiction Romance this week has been conquered by the aliens, but there are still plenty of other niches and trends to look at too!

But first, a congratulations to A.G. Riddle who is still putting a half dozen books on the chart, a feat given that they are the most Hard Science Fiction of the books on the list. No one else is managing such numbers on the chart this week. Also on the list, though appearing more Fantasy than Science Fiction, are books from Deborah Harkness’s, All Souls Trilogy, which features magic and time travel, and Amy A Bartol’s, Second Born series, which features rebellions, soldiers, and the conscription of all Second Born children when they reach eighteen.

But the vast majority of the books on the chart this week are tied into one or two niches, most of them are part of the Alien Invasion trend currently popular, or Alpha/Omega. Often these two overlap. Many of these books are set in a world where Aliens have taken over Earth, or where the characters live on a non-Earth world and are living under the subjugation of an alien species. Often these stories have some form of Fated Mate story line, or Arranged Marriage, or Auction, or some other narrative vehicle to get two strangers into bed with each other as quickly as possible. And often these books also involve Reverse Harems, sometimes in settings where normal Harems are seen as the every day. This gives the story an in-universe Taboo aspect, that will not offend their readers.

One Trend doing well with readers this week is that of young women kidnapped or otherwise coerced into relationships with Alpha Male protagonists. Generally these relationships are between Virgin Human Women, and male protagonists who are soldiers, warriors, or people of political power. A lot of the time the hero is seen as a rescuer saving her from a worse fate. Some of these books become quite Dark on the Romance scale, rife with BDSM elements. 

Massive name in Romance, Christine Feehan has a book in the chart this week. It is a Mafia novel with Dark Romance, an Alpha Male, and Rescue from Kidnapping. I am not entirely sure where the Science Fiction part of the Romance is supposed to come from, but I suppose when classifying a Christine Feehan it is hard not to put it into some sort of SFF genre.

There is also a small trend of stories where the woman is from an advanced scientific society who crash lands her space ship on a primitive planet and begins a relationship with a man from the more primitive society. Usually these relationships start with a rescue from the terrifying animals of the planet, or the terrifying locals. 

So that’s it for this week, lots of push from Aliens and Alpha/Omega Romances. Some big names doing well, to the point of them being brought over to the Science Fiction Romance even when it does not entirely make sense for it all.

Seen anything we’ve missed? Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you!