This week in LGBT Romance, the trends and niches are pretty clear cut. M/M romance is by far the favoured category and everyone else has been left behind to catch up. To give a more nuanced view, therefore, we went into the Lesbian Romance category so that we could give a more complete overview of the genre.

First up, in Lesbian Romance, Holiday Romances are extremely popular, as are the direct opposite, stories where people must return to a home they left behind. These latter romances, tend to feature Second Chance Romances, and Friends to Lovers, or Enemies to Lovers, and general Small Town fare. Angst is generally pretty low, while the heat is high. Holiday Romances are showing something pretty similar, with lots of Fake Relationships, Accidental Marriages, and fun romances. Interestingly, while you would assume most of the Holiday Romances on offer would be about sunny beaches and bikinis, more actually feature mountains, forests, and snow. Multi Racial Relationships are also doing well, along with Menages, and Military and Women in Uniform Romances.

One of the surprise trends of the week is the Historical LGBT Romance trend that is experiencing a boost, possibly from the newly televised story of Anne Lister, the diary of whom is doing well. Sitting right next to the Secret Diaries of Anne Lister, is The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics, by Olivia Waite,a Lesbian Regency Romance.

But, back to Gay Romance. This week one of the most noticeable things is that Paranormal Romance has had a big impact on the chart, but the variety of creatures and species of magical people is much, much larger than in the main Paranormal Romance chart. There are dragon, rhino,and leopard shifters up for grabs, as well as demons, sirens, ghosts, and fae. It is interesting to see how there is so much more choice in this chart than in the chart with greater numbers of books to choose from. Alpha Males and Alpha/Omega Dynamics are selling well this week, with the many varied niches and trends that go along with them. Fated Mates, Menages, Dark Romance, and Abduction, and MPreg, are all in use here to some extent. The heat levels for these books are very high.

In Contemporary Romance, there is a lot of Daddy Kink and Single Dad books, there are also Neighbours and Camp Counsellor books selling well. Plus, some Enemies to Lovers books, in addition to the Friends to Lovers books that are on display. Holiday Romances are popular this week as well, though unlike in Lesbian Romance, these books are generally beach themed, with a lot of them taking place on private beaches or islands. There is also a small trend of books featuring Castaway Romances, mostly taking part on deserted islands. There are also some books with Thriller elements, though these are not as common as some of the other sub genres. There are some continuing series that focus on one area or family in particular, while definitely romantic, these books are often heavily based off the Family Saga genre of books as well.

So, finally, there is a lot to read out of the books on offer this week. Gay Romance is clearly selling far better, but because of this there is far more competition. There is less in the Lesbian Romance charts, but because of that it is easier to make an impact with what you publish. Both are selling a lot of Holiday Romances, while Historical Romance is selling better in the Lesbian charts, and Paranormal Romance is selling better in the Gay charts. 

Have you seen something we have not? Leave a comment to point out where we made our mistake!