This post is an analysis of the popular niches and trends in the Erotica charts, as such it is very NSFW and not suitable for younger readers. If you would not be able to buy these books in your native country due to your age, please do not read this post. Instead read one of the many other posts you can find on under the Latest Posts tab at the top of the page.

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In this weeks Erotica best selling charts there are several very clear niches that the readers are after, plus some authors who are doing very well.

First off, the Taboo niche is still popular this week, with a focus on Pseudo Incest involving Step Family. There are also a lot of books selling well with male leads who are the friends of the female characters’ fathers or step fathers. There is also a lot of so-called “Hucow” stories, or kinks involving human lactation and breast feeding.

Reverse Harems and Menage Romances, often with Alpha/Omega elements, are also proving very popular. Some of these stories are also Shape Shifter stories, Bears, Dragons, and Wolves are the most popular animals for people to Shape Shift into this week. Some of these books are also telling quite Dark Romances, with Abduction and Forced Bonding featuring in some of the Fated Mate stories. 

Rather than the more usual MFM story lines, some of the Reverse Harems have a lot more male characters involved. This seems to be a growing trend.

Authors this week that are doing really well, Jenika Snow, Jasmine Mills, and S. E. Law. These writers are primarily writing about paranormal romances, featuring Reverse Harems, Alpha Males, Alpha/Omega Dynamics, Fated Mates, and other similar niches.

Books incorporating BDSM are also proving a popular this week, with Virgin and Size Kinks also popular. 

Stories featuring Sugar Daddies and Billionaires are reasonably popular this week, though they are not making up as large a proportion of the charts as some of the other niches and trends this week.

Enemies to Lovers is doing well, with books with Bad Boys also making up a large proportion of the works involved.

Collections of short stories, some with 50 stories in them, are doing pretty well, though there is less of them than last week and over all they seem to be more tightly linked to the niches and trends doing well, rather than whatever the readers fancy.

But that’s it for this week, not too much to say since a lot of it has been said before. If you have any comments, please leave them under the post!