A week has whirled past and we are on to our second Weekly Round up. This week the genres we covered for the website were;

All of these won’t be sticking around for next week, but if there is one in particular you want me to keep then say so this weekend before I make my decisions. And, of course, if I did not include any genres you think are vital leave a comment about that, too. 

This week there was a fascination for the Twentieth Century that crossed between many of the most popular genres and sub-genres. In particular, it appeared that the Second World War was drawing a lot of the attention. Between the myriad Historical novels and History texts about survivors and spies, it was clear that for many people their reading choices centred around how people lived during these difficult times and how they fought back. Many of the History texts followed the lives of individuals, American Presidents in a lot of cases, or small groups, families, friends, and people with similar hobbies, focusing in on what they did to change the world around them.

Historical Romances are still mostly under the cruel tyranny of Regency and Highlander Romance novels, it seems unlikely that that will change too much in the charts of the future. However, here too the trends in History as a whole were influencing the books being read, as World War Two was also a common era, along with books set in the era of the Wild West and Cowboys.

Also managing to cross between a lot of genres was the Magical Academy or School craze, which has proven popular in Teen and Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Kids, Romance, and just about everything else. These books go from those appropriate for the younger reader, all the way to those very definitely not appropriate for those readers, with Bully Romances, Student/Teacher Romances, Reverse Harems, Attempted Murder and other things generally not allowed in schools.

Popular in Fiction, both General Fiction and General LGBT Fiction, was the memoir or the false memoir from the point of view of a fictional character. Part of this was due to the trend focusing on the Twentieth Century – what better way to tell those stories than through the eyes of someone who was there – but there does seem to be an uptick in the number of books using it as a motif.

Sports Romance made a surprise appearance in the Romance charts, out competing a lot of other books this week. This trend played well with the focus on Magical School stories, as well as a recent interest in Bully Romances which are also part of the same area. Billionaires and Millionaires were also playing in this field as well as a lot of the heroes were millionaire sports stars.

The charts for Science Fiction and Fantasy were both shaped by the popularity of a few series and authors this week. And books with plots borrowing from Thrillers were in high attendance, while the classic styles of the genres (Sword and Sorcery and Space Operas) had a few showings but were largely falling behind trends such as LitRPG and Magical Schools.

But overwhelmingly, the trend this week seems to be for nostalgia. Whether for simpler times, or for the fiction such times, people seem to be going for books set in the past. This could also be seen as part of the explanation for the Magical School trend, since it brings people long graduated from school back to their school days.

So, interesting things to think about, some trends might have more obvious reasons behind them for what is happening, but every genre written about has had it;s own surprises for the week. I hope next week will be as interesting. Good luck to all of your writing exploits, and even, shock and horror, that which takes you away from the pen and paper of keyboard. As always, we love to hear from you lovely lot, leave some comments if you want us to change how we are doing things, or alternatively if you want us to keep doing things the same! See you next time!