This week in the LGBT Romance charts there are trends and niches galore.

In the Lesbian Romance on offer there are some very clear niches and trends on show, the most obvious is that a lot of the women in these novels are highly successful businesswomen, or women at the peak of their career, or women for whom scandal or injury has come close to destroying their careers. In One Last Dance, by Anna Stone, the ballet dancer Zoe has lost her ability to dance and her career due to an injury. She returns to her childhood home in the States and starts a relationship with her ex-dance teacher, Natasha. This Second Chance novel also features hints of Forbidden Relationship, due to the characters’ time as Student and Teacher. Elsewhere in Lesbian Romance there are Summer Romantic Comedies, Friends to Lovers, and Relationships of Convenience involving sex workers and their clients. Lots to choose from, though perhaps not as much as true fans would like.

There is a lot more to choose from in the Gay section of LGBT Romance. Omega Romances are doing well, as are Menage Romances. Often these two niches are combined, with liberal doses of Alpha Male as well. Stories featuring Single Dads, Male Nannies, Instant Families and Accidental Baby Acquisitions, are all fairly common this week. MPREG is doing well in the overlap between these various niches.

Since Omega Romances are popular this week, it should be no surprise that along with Alpha Males and Menages, Shifter Romances are doing well. Wolves, and Big Cats in particular seem to be the chosen animals for people to shift into. And Student/Teacher relationships are also gaining some ground here. 

Gay Romances with Thriller elements are also selling well this week, whether it is escaping an abusive ex or helping to bring down corrupt governments, Romance, plus a little suspense and violence, seems to be ticking a lot of readers boxes.

There is also some books selling well in LGBT Fantasy and Science Fiction Romance, Once Upon a Time, by Allessandra Hazard, has a Responsible Royal Hero falling in love with a Bad Boy Criminal, while Azaran, by Jacki James, features a Dragon Rider having a Summer Romance on the Beach with a Doctor, after a life time of being the sensible older brother. Lots of niches to unpack there!

But Science Fiction and Fantasy is not the only home for Royalty, in Casey McQuiston’s, Red, White & Royal Blue, the son of America’s Alternate Universe President, falls in love with the Alternate Universe’s Prince of Wales. It shows the characters going from enemies, to friends, to lovers, and is getting some excellent reviews. 

So, plenty to pick and choose from, whether you’re writing a more realistic novel or something with dragons and royalty there is something similar on the chart. Lesbian Romance is not doing so well, and other parts of the LGBT+ acronym are very under represented, but if you have a story in mind that may just mean you have less books to fight your way through. Though, Gay Romance will probably always have a bigger impact in terms of sales in the genre, as long as things continue as they are.