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This week there are several niches and trends showing up in the bestseller’s charts for Erotica.

Reaching the top of the Erotica charts this week is a short by Madison Faye, His Pretty Little Thief. It features an Alpha Male Lead, a Virgin Heroine, and also ties into Billionaire and BDSM niches. These niches are very common elsewhere in the charts, and interestingly it is not the only example of a woman attempting to seduce a billionaire to steal something from him, though it is the highest ranking. This is also the highest charting example of the Insta-Love niche, which is also being frequently used by authors elsewhere in the top charts.

Far more common are the combination of Taboo or Pseudo Incest (often involving step-brothers) plot lines in the bestselling novels on the chart. These include Daddy Kink and Pregnancy Kink.

E. L. James is still holding onto a place on the charts with her novel Grey, a retelling of Fifty Shades, and this sets the tone for a lot of the other novels on the list. Stories featuring BDSM are showing more extreme examples than may be expected, and billionaires are ironically a dime a dozen.

Menages are also extremely common in the novels doing well with Erotica Readers this week. Principally they focus on a central female character, but there are also novels on the list where it is a central male character and more than one woman. Most of these feature Billionaires and BDSM in their plot lines as well.

BWWM erotica and romance is also showing a great deal of promise on the charts and is being combined with the Billionaire, Pregnancy Kink, and BDSM niches, for greater success.

This week’s most popular shifter romance and erotica species are Bears and Dragons, for example, Jenika Snow’s, The BEARly Reluctant Grizzly, and Ava Mason’s, Carrie and the Defiant Dragons. The former appears to be playing into one of the other popular trends of the week, that of Mountain Men and Outlaws. The latter has a more obvious paranormal edge to the world, with fated mates and a reverse harem, plus it appears to share elements with dark bully romances. The three book anthology version of Amelia Wilson’s, Wolf Pack Bloodlines is also out and selling well. Like many in this niche there are Alpha Males and Fated Mates.

There are a lot of anthologies and collections doing well this week, some featuring different books in a single series, others are instead filled numerous books by as many authors with only a slim link between them. Generally the former will feature three novels, while there can be any number of books in the latter,  in fact some of the larger bundles can have as many as 50 to 75 stories in them.

There is also a smaller trend of holiday romance stories, with their titles and covers being generally less provocative than those of their neighbours. Nicole Jordan’s, Master of Temptation, is one such example.

It appears this week, that while Taboo Erotica is taking up a lot of room in the charts, Billionaire and BDSM erotica are ingredients in nearly every book on the list. They may not be the most important part of the story, but they are there and are informing some aspects of the plot.